My shower had this exact problem and the fix you mentioned worked perfectly first time, many thanks. I have to admit I was totally sceptical about this fix but it worked first time. Hello, where is the power button on the control unit please? Users found this page by searching for: This will reduce the pressure required to get water back through the system to the absolute minimum. Do I need to unscrew the lid to the box?

Yes, my password is: It has a ‘status’ led that is flashing red if that helps, probably doesn’t though! However it should be wired to a nearby switch. Handyandy , Nov 10, Do you already have an account? Before it went kaput, the shower had been dribbling water more than usual when not in use. See if you can run it on cold for ten minutes, full pressure.

aqualisa quartz problem solving

Nigel Jones, Hmmmm that seems odd. You could also test the data cable with a LAN tester to make sure that is good. Blue lights do come on though. John, Sounds like the issue silving be woth the pump if it is not running. This is simply a case of locating the control unit usually in the loft or the airing cupboard and switching the power off for 30 seconds, then back on again.


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Dave does GasNov 11, Do you already have an account? What was the result Jaydub?

R GMay 8, Users found this page by searching for: Domestic Does keeping an electric shower on use much electricity? MidwestMay 11, So far I cannot pinpoint the exact model but I believe it to be an ‘axis’.

aqualisa quartz problem solving

I’ve attached a photo of the pump. Yes, my password is: Ours is doing the same, I found your post and Hubby is in the loft at the moment trying to peoblem where to switch the unit off.

Yes, my password is: A customer has an aqualisa shower which has recently stopped working. Shower is 8 years old and never had a single problem before Electricity supply contractor changed something in the meter cupboard last week, which meant electric off for about 10 mins.

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Once again, t ants. You need to find the control box pictures above then kill the power to it. Yeah i think you could be right about the serviceable parts. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

A quick wigle round, up in the loft to ‘reboot’ for a few minutes and hey presto! Would you know what I have to do to remedy this for good? Water may come out of the shower head in splurts if at all. Aqualisa can’t come out for another week, so I’m hoping someone here can help me fix it myself!


Hi, I’ve had no shower for 2 weeks now HandyandyNov 10, Will try the gradual cold to hot option and see what happens!

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Failing that hit the power on your main fusebox. HandySparksMay 8, Constant drip from the head. The only solvijg of life at all is when pressing the test button on the breaker the boost light on the shower comes on, but only for a second then as soon as I take my finger off the awualisa button on the breaker it goes out again.

Do you already have an account? I was just hoping that someone would miraculously pipe up with ‘hey I know exactly what that is, i fixed the same problem last week’ Haha.