March 30, at 8: The man on the right of the Feldherrenhalle is Prince Wrede, who fought as a general when Bavaria sided with Napoleon against other German states. The Palace nominating Noynoy would be practically self-nomination, those in Oslo would say Skol and laugh a hearty Nordic laugh after being stern and serious for 3 seconds. They are like certain legal terms that can make or break you in contracts. Those who do not want to live there anymore can leave.

Is there a possiblity that these discussions be covered nationally, not only here in Luzon but also in Visayas and in Mindanao through the help of modern communication technology, a live interaction, exchange of ideas so all these gray areas can be clarified to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders we, the whole Filipino citizens. Keep the monuments we have three of them in the Ilocos to remind both sides that the future is. Other people are just that — other people with interests of their own, so find common ground. The Lord of whom they sing is so needed to calm the savage spirit in this conflict. Everything must be polished.

COMMENTARY: The content and intent of the Bangsamoro Basic Law

As an afterthought, this leaves some space open for Malaysia to become the new central government. I was too caught up in emotions for that and many others too. In the light of this first review, the Committee draws up the so-called short list — i. All activities were geared towards governance, control, economics, and more control. Another excerpt from the book. April 3, at 1: The Majority of the people should be the one to decide what happens.

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Essay: My take on the constitutionality of Bangsamoro Basic Bill

It can open a lot of doors in the region. April 1, at 9: It would be a shame to tie argumentatuve down according to the rules of our ancestors. Oh Yes, and my heart goes out to the true indigenous people of Mindanao who have been pushed to the side in order to pacify the MILF.

Retrieved January 28, I think the lack of answers is due to the complexity of the BBL itself, which is rather like trying to figure out an entire Constitution, looking into the future.

argumentative essay about bangsamoro basic law

My old man used to say that Philippine culture as a whole is confused. I believe I should. Her page memorandum was a brilliant defense of the Constitution and veritable source of her mindset on the conduct of peace negotiations.

So I think it is hard for them to demonstrate good faith without feeling they are surrendering to oppression. Executive Authority Bangsamoro Parliament Section 4. The other side has it under its belt.

argumentative essay about bangsamoro basic law

It is also difficult on the part of the GRP going to the negotiation table with the citizenry and some lawmakers not fully convince that the other side is on the same page with them. A nomination for yourself will not be taken into consideration, even if you meet the criteria for nominators. This is also an article commenting on the lack of political will of the President of the Philippines.


Bangsamoro Organic Law – Wikipedia

The passage of BBL was not initially set to be tackled by the 17th Congress. Defines that there shall be a flag, emblem and anthem of Bangsamoro.

March 29, at 7: March 30, at 7: Enforce a pledge of allegiance to the Philippines in all regional schools. When I was a aboout the NPA problem in our area was more pronounced, they were a menace to the people who just wanted to lift themselves up the economic ladder.

The main difference being that in personal matters you have a choice and both sides can take their time to find out whether things will work out and find the golden agrumentative way. March 31, at 6: These are serious and dignified people sitting in Oslo who will not take such epal bs.

Moreover, the next clause of the same Section makes it abundantly clear, that the two branches of esssay autonomous government are meant to be distinct one from the other. Third, preservation of cultural traditions, to include recognition of Muslim rules that do not conflict with National rules.

History can provide many examples. The Lumads have lived in Mindanao long before the arrival of Islam and Christianity.