As a result, much of the regulation of fracking wells is left to each state to enforce. Some of the most famous and shocking examples are from individuals who provide video evidence that their water can be lit on fire because of these high natural gas concentrations in their water. The main concern that this writer believe both groups of American are there sufficient regulations now in place to ensure safety. First, many instances exist in which fracking is strongly suspected in cases of groundwater contamination from natural gas and flowback chemicals. Current weaknesses and inconsistencies in the regulation of hydraulic fracturing allow for errors to be made that contribute to environmental damages. Though the federal government can establish rules in regard to the disposal of wastewater, the rules are difficult for the federal government to enforce.

Confidence Despite Our Flaws. In the United States, fracking has become a fiercely debated issue, as the industry emphasizes the benefits the practice holds and health and environmental groups question its safety. The EPA is exploring different disposal methods used by industry to safeguard regulatory and ensure frameworks are in place to provide safe and legal options for disposal of flow-back and produced water. The environmentalist are concern about these toxic pollutants and want laws to protect the environment. Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State. However, federal agencies do not often have the resources to enforce these programs at all sites around the country Spellman

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Another way to describe fracking also known as hydraulic fracturing is the process of creating fissures in underground formations to allow natural gas to flow Natural Gas Extraction arguemntative Hydraulic Fracturing US EPA. In the United States, fracking has become a fiercely debated issue, as the industry emphasizes the benefits the practice holds and health and environmental groups question its safety.


According to the Energy Information Administration, shale gas plays, or fields, in the United States; most notably the Marcellus, in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York, and in Texas are said to contain enough natural gas to power the country for years Is Fracking a Good Idea? Fracking can be defined as a method to remove natural gas from the ground.

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These potential sources of error can result in potentially catastrophic damage to the environment.

The United States Department of Energy estimates that fracking will produce approximately 2. Registered Data Controller No: Fracking has improved the economy since companies have lower drilling cost, they can pass the savings onto their customers. Shale gas development has the potential to create local air pollution from its use of diesel pumps in the fracking process.

Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing. I tackled the issue of hydraulic fracturing and analyzed the various impacts it has on the environment.

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United States Environmental Protection Agency, n. Third, fracking disrupts the ecosystem in various other ways. Though the filling of injection wells is only setting off the release of built-up underground tensions that may occur eventually anyway, the explosions are clearly affecting the environment on a macroscopic scale that may also be having unforeseen consequences.

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There is such a need in this world for clean water, so fracking should not be allowed to continue its expansion when it has the potential to contaminate the clean water we are already so fortunate to have.

Fracking is a fairly new method of extracting natural gas. Sometimes these fluids can be disposed of by injection into deep underground wells.

Air pollution resulting indirectly from fracking is another concern. You must be logged in to post a comment. It qrgumentative thus necessary that the flowback is treated properly before it is returned to the water cycle, and some options exist.


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Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Engineering work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. The dream and nightmare of Americans are the new drilling technology, called hydraulic fracking.

Second, fracking is not regulated enough to ensure it does not result in contamination through errors.

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Skip argumebtative toolbar Sites at Penn State. If all wells are not tested, there is no assurance that all wells are operating properly and safely since all wells are different, in terms of their location, geography, depth, and other factors.

The American Reverence of the College Degree. The natural gas escapes through the cracks made in the shale and flows to the surface to be processed and refined. Many laws have loopholes when it comes to fracking.

These are deemed secrets of the trade. Medicine essays Miscellaneous essays Psychology essays Religious studies essays Science essays Sociology essays Essays menu. All of these environmental effects are dangerous and can severely damage the environment.

argumentative essay on hydrofracking

Fracking can produce airborne pollutants like methane, benzene, and sulfur oxide Is Fracking a Good Idea? A major technological and economic concern in our society is to find alternative ways to developed cheap energy to keep our society running. If effective environmental action is not taken today, the possible consequences from fracking will grow into a more serious problem.