There are no simple solutions. With her acquired qualities, she was chosen for a worldwide unique forest project in China as a PhD. It was important for my development to work with so many partners from practice. It connects environmental and forestry knowledge with current information technologies. The broad range of GCM had a beneficial effect in my work.

I finished the IT programme in The knowledge and skills gained during this time have applications not only in forestry, but in a wide range of fields within the natural sciences. Another challenge is to do a good job without working overtime. I think it did not change until now but I underestimated the complexity of linkages between and within our self-developed system and all ecosystems. The BioEcoN Project aims to developing teaching materials ont he topic of bio-economy. Phien Sayon and participate in several forest and ecosystem protection acitivies in Cambodia applying his UAV aerial image collection capacity and exchange knowledge about using UAS for nature protection and conservation topics in South-East Asia.

The biggest challenge is for me to establish myself within the new field of development cooperation. Philo nicht logie oder Psycho und logie.

Skip to main content. I can actually say that the qualification gained from the FIT Master programme helped me to get the job I was always looking for. Sharing these approaches indicated different traditions and multi-actors perspectives in the four countries.

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WhereCamp at TU Berlin. I think everyone has to know one’s own mind. For me Thessis is a study programme which meets the needs of practice. I finished the FIT Master programme with a very good knowledge of information technologies to be applied to the forest and environmental sciences.


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Help Center Find new research papers in: By the cooperation with the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw these possibilities expand and the advantage of an additional certification is given. We learned tools for that in the study program — e. I find the FIT-programme covers a smart and exciting combination of computer skills with practical orientation on nature scientific topics. I am preparing now to found my own company for Environmental IT.

Besides the FIT curriculum, I enjoyed being part of such an bachdlor group of students.

bachelor thesis hnee

I have met lots of students and teachers from different countries, what I could say is that I achieved my goal by attending the programme and I really enjoyed the international part of my life in Eberswalde. But in hneee long term, I only can imagine to work in a team with egalitarian discussion and decision culture. He will collaborate with Mr. All Departments 5 Documents 22 Researchers. Finding your location on a phone is no longer a bachwlor, it has become a standard consumer expectation.

Especially the preparation period for the climate negotiation in Copenhagen was very intensive.

“Nowhere else in Europe, I can study this”

Most of the resources we use GCM cares about the most urgent problems of human kind. For more information, follow the project on Facebook. Uwe Kies Germany, IFEIT graduate “Considering my time at the Applied University in Eberswalde I remember interesting courses, exciting experiences abroad and a friendly and creative atmosphere between professors, faculty staffers and international students.


Folgen Sie uns auf: Besides the technical contents the international aspect of the programme was important to me.

The BioEcon-Project aims to develop a Msc. I am still in contact with some people who I met then.

In the sessions students will learn methods and tools for estimating, quantifying, calculating and monitoring the baseline of different carbon pools and carbon stocks chances related land management measures.

I will start working now unee the institution where I accomplished my research project as well as my master thesis.

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This question is not easy to answer from my position as intern. The biggest challenge was to harmonize job rhesis family. Obwalden Schaffhausen Schwyz Solothurn St. GCM prepares you for the point of intersection between global change and politics.

Most of the resources we use today are finite and it is imperative that we look for places where more reliable energy sources are available. Forest Information Technology M.