Anonymous November 12, at 3: And to the readers planning to hire a nanny,I have a relative working in Hongkong and willing to work and stay with a good family here. Here are the answers to your questions: The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union. Menu How to write a thesis expository essay The life and times of svante august arrhenius An analysis of the character huck in the adventures of tom sawyer. The following documentation is required:

I couldn’t figure out what to put as the contract duration because it’s difficult to know when you’ll get pregnant again if having more kids or really when any other anticipated life event can take place, so the woman on the phone lead me to believe that I should put the maximum and said that I’d have to pay a second time to extend the work permit should I wish to keep the nanny beyond the initial contract we were thinking two years. I contacted Service Canada with a few questions and they weren’t particularly knowledgeable about this process. Is a job offer letter mandatory for Canada Express Entry? I am sure they provide assistant with LMIA as well. I just hope everything gets done on time. We felt that this is appropriate in terms of a starting timeline for the nanny and would also be most accurate in terms of the gap we’re planning between kids. In my email appeal, I will throw in a few statistical things to see if that throws a wrench in her conclusion that I “failed to test the Canadian labour market accurately.

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Diplomatic and Official passport holders of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who require transiting a South African port of entry enroute to any country must be in possession of a transit visa.


Answered Nov 24, Going With Your Gut Can I share your site to some friends who are asking on how to hire a nanny? Progress was made in understanding each other’s positions.

cover letter for lmia application

The guide will give you exclusive access to our lefter techniques for accelerating your job search in Canada. More cover letter writing tips: All told, I was surprised at how straightforward the application was.

Answered Apr 21, I hope I’m not too late getting back to you! Create a Moving2Canada account to receive free templates straight to your email inbox. Aplication did you put for notice of resignation and notice for termination of employment.

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Unique methodology for solving data structure, algorithm, system design, and behavioral questions. I have heard from other families that even this isn’t necessary, but I would certainly recommend it given lmja easily it can be done. I later found out that this is NOT true.

Look fod LMIA waivers. ENce June 6, at My last employer paid out on every pay cheque but I was still allowed to take time off just unpaid. I’m going to try to appeal it somehow, but one of my arguments is that the spirit of the requirements is to ensure a good selection of candidates.

cover letter for lmia application

I was expecting something very intimidating, and perhaps at times over my head, but it was very clear. Keep me legter on the progress with the application. Answered Nov 9, Jenn Elyse October 23, at 6: Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Amy February aplication, at 5: I am always so thrilled to hear about my blog being helpful. I came here as a nanny. I’ve lived through both.

In terms of notice, it’s as you say, depending on length of employment. Learn about Canadian immigration, work and study permits, and how to visit.

Cover letter for immigration officer position

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Travelling to Toronto for business? Lima requirements change from time to time and from province to province. Quebec might also be another option since they also recently opened up Express entry program Nov Other, more major provinces generally ask for either the person already there or having a job offer or education acquired in the province such as Lettef, BC or Alberta. Also, what should I put as the duration of contract?