I do not profess to suggest that there is an answer to this but in the work I have developed from my personal research I firmly believe that the expertise of practitioners has been fundamental in the production of my work. In summary, a good leader trusts and empowers their team to make decisions as though they were that leader themselves. New notions of professionalism are addressed in this conference. To see how your feedback has previously made a difference click here. When a leader expresses appreciation for the accomplishments of team members, they are in many ways providing that added incentive for future successes.

Is it the source of the data provision who is the expert or the person that collects it, analyses it, contrasts it with other works and develops theories from it? This is something that is brilliantly described by David Marquets talking about his experience of Leadership on US Navy subs here: Again often linked to discussions of new knowledge and different ideas, the direct entry scheme and PoliceNow programme will feature here. It is common that we look to our leaders at times of crisis for strong and decisive leadership and therefore leadership can influence trust and confidence between people. Individualising problems can, paradoxically, place the focus on the individual and can ignore the wider societal issues that really need explaining to properly understand the problem being presented. Every year the University takes part in several major national surveys that enable you to provide us with valuable feedback that will help us to shape the future of Canterbury Christ Church University.

In summary, a good leader trusts and empowers their team to make decisions as though they were that leader themselves.

How have the students responded to the use of Hydra? The capacity of leaders to listen and observe. Plan and decide effectively. During the past years since then I have been a module lead for modules throughout the occupational therapy pathway across all three years and taught on many others. So there will be a lot going on in terms of promoting, embedding and expanding Hydra within thinkign University and beyond.


Since January I have been working 0. They developed stronger models of thinking and for some students, the experience helped to build crritical confidence — so it was not all about academic attainment. Click accept to proceed or read more to view details about the cookies we use.

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The students got to learn, very quickly, that they had to think about different outcomes for certain incidents based on the information that was being presented to them by a number of external actors within the scenario. So if both of those individuals refer to themselves as the expert surely even the thibking itself is subjective.

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It seems then that good leadership is not about inspiring fear in followers if it ever was but is actually about liberating them from fear.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I have friends, however, who are undertaking professional qualifications at University in areas such as Primary Teaching and Midwifery, and even they have to write essays despite the fact that they will, most likely, never have to write another once they qualify.

Would they see the problem from a different view point? Do we all have a part to play? The sharing of data is making everything more thin,ing and transparent; and public expectations are changing.

They are accessible, honest, open and approachable.

critical thinking cccu

Make sure you plan ahead and schedule your week to get the most out of this great opportunity. This should result in a positive impact upon the quality of service that officers can provide to the public. Good leaders allow their people space to develop and grow, yet can step in when more direction or support ccu needed. However, even this change in approach may not be enough to keep up with the pace of changing expectations in society.


Lecturers on teacher education courses for early years or primary levels, classroom teachers, pre-service education students, and all those interested in promoting critical engagement and dialogue about literature will find this an engaging and very insightful text. A team of staff will run the simulation via a central control room and will observe the behaviours and requests of each team interacting with the simulation.


The PCDA, however, is more than an academic programme. There is absolutely no doubt that development decisions made by officers to complete personally funded degrees undergraduate and postgraduate level are often not being practically supported by the force within which thiinking work. Our ability to flex and find a happy balance between both leadership and command depending on the circumstances we face is an important skill for all police leaders.

critical thinking cccu

Additionally, PoliceNow officers will talk through their own experiences in this new landscape. In December I tweeted that Ccccu was thinking of writing this blog — aimed at unpicking the term expert. The professionalisation agenda seeks to normalise difference in thought, trust and the more participatory styles of leadership which are heralded as positive by research.

Perhaps this, more than anything else is tjinking terrible consequence of austerity, financial constraint and cuts to the service… A slow demise of the service from a thousand cuts leading to a profound loss of trust and confidence within.

Come along to the Learning and Teaching Conference on 24 January 9. In a hierarchical organization such as the police, people think they need permission to do anything differently.