Oral desensitization to Mesalazine. Again time for patients to speak their needs. Physical training does not increase allergic inflammation in asthmatic children. Swimming pool environment and childhood asthma. Post graduation course of Clinical Nutrition. In , she attended the European Advanced Level Course in Breast Disease Management in Budapest and after completing her surgical training she began to differentiate towards a breast cancer specialist.

Biomarkers of airway inflammation and hyperresponsiveness in adolescents with well-controlled allergic asthma. J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol. Porto, October , Portugal. Obesity increases prevalent and incident asthma and worsens asthma severity: So how can a journal stay ahead of the curve and simultaneously guarantee a high quality standard and a wide reader base? J World Allergy Org ;

Anaphylaxis by Ranitidine — a case report. Use of a common food frequency questionnaire FFQ to assess dietary patterns and their relation to allergy and asthma in Europe: What is it with swimming?

His main research interests are computer vision, machine learning and medical decision support systems.

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Untilshe has published more than 20 papers on international journals as first author, with an average impact factor is 3. PBJ is an online open-access journal devoted to the publication of top quality original research conducted in the biomedical fields, especially within the clinical and basic medical settings.


Obesity and airway inflammation in asthma. Validity of a questionnaire in a school-based allergic asthma screening — Comparison with exhaled nitric oxide fraction and skin prick tests.

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Preliminary results of a school-based asthma assessment from the upKids validation study. British Journal of Sports Medicine. Tachykinin receptors antagonism for asthma: Clustering food patterns according sociodemographic characteristics, physical activity and weight status in school children from a Mediterranean country.

Moreira, A Pereira, M Vaz. She holds a PhD in Medicine from University of Porto with the topic of objective evaluation of aesthetic results in breast cancer conservative treatment. Oslo, FebruaryNorway Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia.

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Moreira A, Delgado, L. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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Eur Respiratory J ; 16 Suppl She is a member of the board of the Portuguese Society of Senology. How to measure physical activity. Asthma in the top athlete. Substance P rmup improves both obesity and asthma in a mouse model.

curriculum vitae fmup

He received the M. International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids. No relationship between Mediterranean diet and asthma or rhinitis in Portuguese schoolchildren. Ivtae allergic exercise induced rhinitis.


In completed a MSc of Molecular Oncology with a thesis entitled “Familiar Multinodular Goiter – a preliminary clinical and genetic study.

Again time for patients to speak their needs. V Pereira, A Moreira. The supervision during the internship.

Post-Graduation on Sports Rehabilitation. JuneLondon, UK Academic degrees and professional activities. Here, she discovered my interest of promoting research through the use image analysis as a tool to obtain results in a faster, more reliable and less subjective way.

curriculum vitae fmup