Commutative algebras and cohomology. The cyclotomic trace and algebraic K -theory of spaces. In my opinion the best foundations to any modern topic in homotopy theory, and derived algebraic geometry in particular, is “Higher topos theory” of Lurie. Feeling comfortable with simplices is essential and this requires working out some details. Higher Segal spaces I. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol.

Privacy policy Powered by Invenio v1. I would suggest, rather, naturally evolving from the things you already know well and find interesting. Gabriele Vezzosi , What is a derived stack? Enumeration of rational curves via torus actions. Derived algebraic geometry is the specialization of higher geometry and homotopical algebraic geometry to the infinity,1 -category of simplicial commutative rings or sometimes, coconnective commutative dg-algebras. Loop spaces and connections.

derived algebraic geometry lurie thesis

Simplicial localizations of rhesis. But a locale is a 0-topos. The local theory is basically understanding spectra stable stuffsimplicial rings and dg stuff. Triviality of the higher Formality Theorem.

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Eventually, pieces falls into places. The plan is based on what worked best for myself, and it’s certainly possible that you may prefer to jump into Higher Topos Theory as Yonatan suggested. How do we grade questions? Information References Citations 7 Files Plots. On the homotopy of simplicial algebras over an operad. I’ve also studied some deformation theory.

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Tu the Lie algebroid of a derived self-intersection. akgebraic

This site is also available in the following languages: HKR theorem for smooth S -algebras. Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: This material is at the heart of derived algebraic geometry: Algebraic aspects of higher nonabelian Hodge theory. Versal deformations and algebraic stacks. Sign up using Facebook.

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Hence it is a generalization of ordinary algebraic geometry algebraiv instead of commutative ringsderived schemes are locally modelled on simplicial commutative rings. Topol 5no. On the Gauss-Manin connection in cyclic homology. Toen, Derived Azumaya algebras and generators for twisted derived categoriesarXiv: I recommend working through Cisinski’s notes.


Motives and derived algebraic geometry

Differential Graded Schemes II: Bertrand Toen lutie Gabriele Vezzosi developed homotopical algebraic geometrywhich is algebraic geometry in any HAG contexti. Feeling comfortable with simplices is essential and this requires working out some details.

On the variety of complexes. By the way, these ones are in English and also summarize very briefly some of the material from the geomerry course notes. Other helpful things to look at are Schwede’s Diplomarbeit and Quillen’s Homology of commutative rings. This came from the study of derived moduli problem.

derived algebraic geometry lurie thesis

Stably duali zable groups. Deformation quantization of algebraic varie ties.