The CPSP will get it bound permanently after acceptance. Hence the manuscript of all research articles should contain the following sections: It should be a collective review and critique in the candidate’s own words of various viewpoints supported by relevant data, and should not be copied from published work. Table of contents is written on separate page s and numbered in Roman numerals. It must be mentioned whether the hypothesis in the article is true, false or no conclusions can derived.

Below the abstract give few key words, which should not more than ten. Statistical terms, abbreviations and symbols must be defined. The language must be simple, direct and precise. It must clearly state the purpose of the study. The trainees should not forget to mention the names of there colleagues, statisticians, the computer operator and spouse, if applicable, as well as the supervisor. A brief statement about what statistical procedures have been used. All original articles should have a structured abstract.

Dissertation is a detailed discourse on a subject especially submitted for a higher degree in a University Oxford Dictionary. Relevant details naming software to be used, which descriptive forjat and which test of significance if and when required, specifying variables where it will be applied.

At the end of abstract, three to ten key words are identified and written.

A hypothesis is a statement showing expected relation between two variables. Introduction It is second section of the dissertation that presents the specific problem under study and reflects: A list of all abbreviations used in the text must also be attached in the dissertation.


dissertation format cpsp

The objective of writing a dissertation is to develop skills in fellowship trainees for: It must be written after the whole synopsis dissettation been written so that it is a true representative of the plan i. The title does not contain any abbreviation, chemical formulae, proprietary names and jargons etc.

Mention the study design, place where study was conducted, procedure of data collection. The title should be written on the top in bold letters, followed by full name of trainee in the order of first, middle, initial and last name alongwith the highest academic degree.

A brief statement about what statistical procedures have been used. It is meant fodmat fit the results of current research work into pre-existing pool of knowledge.

Time taken in relieve of symptoms which may be pain, fever cough heartburn etc. After passing, you will apply for a Post cpsp dissertation format Graduate Trainee post in CPSP english iv research paper recognized hospital.

Cpsp dissertation format

Hence the manuscript of all research articles should contain the following sections: Founded Fifty-Four years ago, it has the objective of promoting. It cpsp dissertation format must be mentioned here that not all essays about food poisoning PGs are cpsp dissertation format awarded the post No Fear cpsp dissertation format Shakespeare.

Number of subjects in the study at its inception. Probability or Non probability. Verbosity must be avoided. This is the best place to show gratitude and appreciation. The detailed data should not be repeated in the discussion. The abstract should be in structured disseryation and should have headings of objective, design ,settings, subjects, interventions if applicable ,main outcome measures results and conclusions.


PakMediNet – CPSP Disseratation Assessment Criteria

Measurement, units of length, height, weight and volume mentioned in the dissertation must be in metric system i. On what bases will patients be excluded from the study.

dissertation format cpsp

Share this Page FB Tweet. If more than one statistical test have been used, the statistical tests performed should be discussed in the methods and the specific test used reported along with the results.

May be required in some cases. All interventional studies ii. A hypothesis is needed in the following study designs: Objectives Objectives are statements of intentions.

The complete title of the manuscript, the name of the authors with their highest qualifications, the department or institution to which they are attached, address for correspondence with telephone numbers and fax number, if possible. If a hypothesis existed, whether the hypothesis was supported or refuted by the results should be addressed. All original articles should have a structured abstract.