History, examination, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning Clinical diagnosis Radiographic and other aids in the diagnosis of periodontal diseases Advanced diagnostic techniques Risk assessment Determination of prognosis Treatment plan Rationale for periodontal treatment General principles of anti-infective therapy with special emphasis on infection control in periodontal practice – Halitosis and its treatment – Bruxism and its treatment – B. This is the live video of Jasbir Deswal. Pulp capping, Pulpotomy, Apexogenesis, Apexification. III year Maxillofacial surgery, submission of dissertation in the first term, i. Diseases of bones and joints.

Clinical Orthodontics Paper IV: Describe etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of common periodontal diseases with emphasis on Indian population. Full crown anterior 2 or 3 to be processed – 04 – 06 9. Evaluation of patients for GA techniques and management of emergencies, various I. Knowledge of internal anatomy of permanent teeth, anatomy of root apex and its implications in endodontic treatment.

Age changes — clinical structure. Patient management under general anesthesia.


Evaluation of the PGs is done chair side and if they are found lacking in any area they are not allowed to handle the cases until they gain knowledge in the same. Goals and Objectives of the Curriculum Goals The goals of postgraduate training in various specialties is to train B. Health Informatics – Research Methodology disertation definitions, types of research, designing written protocol for research, objectivity in methodology, quantification, records and analysis.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

The following is the minimum required to be completed before the candidate can be considered eligible to appear for final MDS exam. A candidate whose dissertation has been accepted by the examiners but who is declared to have failed in the examination will be permitted to reappear at the subsequent MDS examination without new dissertation.


Effective motivation and education regarding periodontal disease maintenance after the treatment. Approach Training to be imparted in the department or in other institutions having the facility.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Class II amalgam cavities. Others – Sex linked agammaglobulinemia – AIDS – Management of immune deficiency patients requiring surgical procedures – De George Syndrome – Ghons complex, post primary pulmonary tuberculosis – pathology and pathogenesis 8.


The Muse has also helped me learn how to communicate that academic information in a way that is accessible to everyone, so it does not get lost in the literary showboating which often characterizes academia. Clinical Orthodontics Paper IV: Structure of disxertation, liver, gall bladder, composition of intestinal juice, bile and regulation.

Compilation of all the case records, clinical photographs, seminar and journal presentations. Postings in centers where facilities are available for demonstration of routine molecular biology techniques. Methods of testing biocompatibility of materials used. Dento-facial orthopedic appliances like head gears, rapid maxillary expansion niti expander etc. Candidates who are absent for a period of more than one year shall take the permission of the university for attending the respective college and continuation of the course.


General rules of submission.


Clinical Work Total Behavior Management of different age groups children with complete records. Preclinical work on typhodont teeth 1.

Access cavity opening and root canal therapy in relation to maxillary and mandibular permanent teeth. Pathways of Disssertation — Cohen and Burns Recommended Books and Journals 1. Physiology of saliva — composition, function, clinical significance. One dental caries index b.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Regressive alterations of teeth. Casting a Anterior b Posterior – 04 – 02 6.

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Common drugs in Pediatrics: Myofunctional Orthodontics – Basic principles – Contemporary appliances – their design and manipulation – Case selection and evaluation of the treatment results – Review of the current literature. Direct and indirect composite restorations. It has to be written in a particular format, alphabetical order of the author’s last.

Internal assessment or Term paper Second Year: Before the commencement of the university examination, the student should submit all the preclinical records, clinical records of work done during the entire three year period with logbooks, with the approval of the PG guide, head of the department and head of the institution along with library and university dissertation etc.