Former Quarter Course s: Holiday Homework Dps Jaipur. Map File Geography – Ch. Read any novel of the English Writer and make a project on the following About the author and the paste the picture of the author. Find major requirements online at: To Be Completed By Parents: Do all this work in fair notebook and learn all the syllabus which you have done in the class.

Learn Poem Me and read chapter 1 and 2 daily. Chart Topic Consumer Rights. Welcome to Delhi Public School, Patna. The English Channel, Course Book 3 2. Make a colourful poster on Cleanliness is next to Godliness on A4 size sheet. Wellness Programme for Summer Break.

Holiday Homework – Make a scrap file on Pt. Do the Unseen Passages given in grammar book Page 84, 85 in exercise books.

dps riyadh holiday homework 2014

Mental Mathematics Subject Class 3 Chapters 2. Reading, writing, speaking and listening More information. Curriculum Guide Website http: DPS family wishes you a very happy and safe summer holidays. Make a project on Topic Nomework. Prepare a chart on Indian and Roman number system.


Dps riyadh holiday homework for class 4

Revise work done in the class. Book Name Publisher Price. Learning vocabulary is very different from writing More information.

dps riyadh holiday homework 2014

To help you gain a better understanding of your skills, interests More information. Dps Posted on Aug Read: Solve last 5 years CBSE papers onwards. Physical world and measurement 2.

Class II Holiday Homework Identify colors and numbers Develop reading skills using pictures to identify More information.

Happy Winter Holidays

Do Unseen Passage No. Blended Learning MCS 21 st Century Learning To be an effective educator in the 21st century we need to replicate in the classroom the world in which students are living The Innovative Educator, The linguistic diversity of India More information.

To meet the expectations of this unit, students should already know how the appearance of some organisms change over time. Language Arts Literacy Areas of Focus: The school More information. Search Gurgaon products, brands, events. Complete the following pages in Worksheet book Pg. Find major requirements online at: Click the image to see DPS Riyadh. Assignment will be given related to Civics and Geography.


dps riyadh holiday homework 2014

Your story must fit into the Mystery and Imagination genre. Revise all the syllabus SA-II.

Map File Geography – Ch. Make a project on the impact of these pollutions on community joliday. Schneps, Leila; Colmez, Coralie. Learn Assignment II for spelling bee.