Political representation — There were instances of non-Manipuri elected in the Manipur Legislative Assembly. Illegal immigration from Bangladesh, Burma and Nepal has also gone up. This article is closed for comments. Manipur has witnessed a series of protests starting in July this year, following demands for the implementation of the Inner Line Permit ILP system in the State. ILP can prevent it. Inner Line Permit ILP is an official travel document issued by the Government of India to allow travel of an Indian citizen into a protected area for a limited period. ILP is not the solution.

Tourists will not like to return to such a place. I cna imagine the poor tourist in Manipur, they may have to give bribe t get ILP permit also. Sentimental issue and havoc- Expert have the opinion that if we did not check the influx in and around the bordering areas of the state, such as Jiribam bordering Bangladesh, Moreh bordering Myanmar, it would be a sentimental issue resulting a massive havoc in future. Related Articles Manipur paralysed for the second day. In , Maharaja Budhachandra was summoned to Shillong, capital of the Indian province of Meghalaya where he signed a Treaty of Accession merging the kingdom into India. Inner Line Permit ILP is an official travel document issued by the Government of India to allow inward travel of an Indian citizen into a protected area for a limited period.

Moreover, outsiders are often ready to work for lower wages.

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When the Justice Jeevan Reddy Committee submitted its report on the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, it noted that though most people want the law to go, many tribal people in Manipur were equally insistent on the need for the army to stay. Everyone of us guilty for our parts in the menace of migrants influx: Nehginpao Kipgen August 27, mani;ur Related Articles Manipur paralysed for the second day.

essay ilp in manipur

One demand in the memorandum proposes the insertion of a new provision in section of the Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act, Thereafter the legislative amnipur was dissolved and Manipur became part of the Republic of India in October, And by the time the matter reaches that level, the tribal people will probably start giving expression to their opposition.


This is an offshoot of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulations,[1] which protected Crown’s interest in the tea, oil and elephant trade by prohibiting “British subjects” from entering into these “Protected Areas” to prevent them from establishing any commercial venture that could rival the Crown’s agents.

It is obligatory for Indian citizens from outside certain states, to obtain such a permit.

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Directed and produced by Sonia We, the undersigned, are shocked at the brutal murder of a youth Most Meiteis are Hindu, comprising both the twice-born Hindu castes and Scheduled Caste, though there are recent attempts to re-emphasise their traditional Sanamahi religion. You have entered an incorrect email address! The bill, even after passage in the assembly, manipjr have to go to the governor and the central government, where it will most probably get stuck.

It is majipur intra-state asymmetrical federal provision. Though the Kukis are an indigenous group in Manipur, there are some who fear that the Meiteis could use the ILP to advance their stand of Kukis being foreigners. Else, what will be the basis for sub-classification? Printable version May 22, The ILP, which remained in force untilwas revoked by the then Commissioner of Assam, whose jurisdiction also covered Manipur.

essay ilp in manipur

However, that may turn out to be the easier part. Cultural identity- We who are still have to pay our dues for incorporating Multi denominational in our religious rituals following the proselytization of Vaisnavism during 15th esasy King Kyambacan save ourselves from such further unwanted aftermath in future.

Inner Line Permit

Both sides talk past each other. Illp, special laws protecting the tribes should be implemented. The Japanese were beaten back before they could enter Imphal, which was one of the turning points of the war. Under such a political arrangement, the Kukis and Nagas would enjoy autonomy in their respective areas but remain within the State of Manipur.


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It will also make certain that the native people would be the sole owner of land. It will enable to build an unique Manipuri identity, and gain respect from other societies.

The word “British subjects” was replaced by Citizen of India manipuf Gym instructor, known for his TikTok videos, shot dead in Najafgarh Election Commission is under a cloud in India — but its expertise is much in demand around the globe Scroll Explainer: The idea seem to be to convert Manipur into a tribal state like Nagaland or Mizoram by forcing the government to admit the Meiteis into Scheduled Tribe category and then place the entire state under a uniform ILP regime.

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Log into your account. Criminals and epidemic diseases- It is an effective tool in prevention of entering criminals and epidemic diseases into the state. Thounaojam Strela is Miss Manipur Then, there was the issue of planting of landmines by Meitei militants in the tribal areas, leading to more than 60 civilian casualties from to The document is an effort by the government essah regulate movement to certain areas located near the international border of India.