Children in a school, India. When we compare the child as it leaves the school with what it was when it entered it, the most striking aspect of development, apart from the body, is the rapid development of its intellect. At the primary level, the drop-out rate decreased from But the fact remains that majority of Primary Schools are in rural areas. L, they can appreciate the learning process and facilitate the learning of the child.

Havighurst of the University of Chicago. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Universalisation of elementary education has been long accepted as a pre-condition to socio-economic and political development of any society. The low levels of participation and literacy were aggravated by acute regional and gender disparities. Accessed May 22,

There are nearly 4 lakhs schoolless villages in India which are to be given schools.

Top 5 Problems in Universalization of Primary Education

You may like to read this document on the Minimum Levels of Learning for a detailed understanding of the concept and its scope in elementary education. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan SSAlaunched in November as an umbrella programme, continued to be implemented to support and build upon other primary and elementary education projects. Havighurst has listed the following developmental tasks if middle childhood. The scheme is implemented in Educationally Backward Blocks EBBs where the level of female literacy is below, and the gender gap is above the national average.

Cognitive development refers to the gradual growth in what are called cognitive abilities ability to attend, to perceive, to discover, to recognize, to imagine, to judge, to conceptualise, to remember, to learn and to indulge in meaningful speech and also to consequent growth in knowledge and adjustment to the environment. The programme addresses the needs of million children in 11 lakh habitations. We can make efforts to enroll all the children We can make efforts to retain all the children in the school till they are universalisatio years of age.


We can make efforts to ensure educational attainment. Improvement of school facilities by revamping the scheme of Operation Blackboard. Recognizing the urgent need to rectify the anomalous situation with respect to quality, the National Policy on Educationcalled for paying immediate attention to:.

Now the problems with certain possible remedies to solve them have been discussed as follows: The five friends ran away before the bear could catch them. The present understanding of compulsory education is limited to right to schooling although sducation term education means much more than just what is offered in the present school system.

Top 5 Problems in Universalization of Primary Education

In order to enrol the additional age-group children additional section rooms should be constructed. Every child has Access to learning centre, Every child is Enrolled to a formal school or non-formal learning centre. But the other aspects are either altogether excluded from the evaluation process or they are not given adequate attention. The content should also be conceptualised. Education Guarantee Scheme, and Alternative Innovative Education Scheme for children living in remote areas or dropouts and those who did not join school in time, is the two components of this scheme.

The Constitution of India, mentions 14 languages, which can be made medium of education.


essay on universalisation of elementary education

Launching of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. This will a Lead to the actual realization of the said Right b Make the child go to court c Give room ubiversalisation the violation of the right to education. She thought it was a nice house to live in so she moved in too.

In order to function, as achievement targets, the M. There are still some backward and remote areas where efforts to open schools are under way.

Essay on sarva shiksha abhiyan in words –

When the parents go through the list of M. However, India continues to lag behind several other developing countries in terms of adult literacy and youth literacy rates.

This is due to the lack of educational atmosphere, undesirable environment, lack of devoted teachers, poor economic condition of parents, absence of proper equipment etc.

It is seen that the economically less developed states are also the states with low human development index. This is considered mastery learning. Click to learn more https: Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours It envisages bridging up gender and social disparities in elementary education.

essay on universalisation of elementary education

At the primary level, the drop-out rate decreased from It is also an effort to universalise elementary education by community-ownership of the school system.