For a comprehensive overview of law and school system practices regarding student records, see Regulation This policy applies to conduct during the school day and any school system sponsored activities. When students transfer within Frederick County or to another Maryland county, FCPS sends the original student records and retains a copy. FCPS encourages public use of school facilities when they are not in use for the primary purpose of educating students. It is a serious offense for employees except security personnel , volunteers, substitutes and visitors to possess any rifle, gun, knife or deadly weapon of any kind on any school property in Maryland.

Middle and high school students may have independent, non-monitored access to the Internet if they obtain written parental permission. Further information is available at school offices. Students are responsible for using school Internet accounts in an ethical, responsible and legal manner, and for school-related tasks only. The homework that we assign to students should match these principles. Medications must be transported by an adult and provided to the school in the pharmacy bottle, correctly and completely labeled.

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Policyy noted that there is a great deal of empirical data regarding the value of homework. Regular daily attendance is expected and critical to a child’s academic success. A student scheduled for a two-hour block of time will be counted present for a full day if the student is in attendance for that entire block of time.

fcps homework policy

We should provide feedback to students. Religious expression in a public school environment is governed by the U. The new regulation reminds teachers and parents that homework, while valued, is not required but, if assigned, should be differentiated based on student needs and abilities, be assigned in a variety of forms, reflect best instructional practice, and connect students to subject matter previously discussed or presented during class time.

School-sponsored field trips to enhance the curriculum are permitted at each grade level. Homework quickly rose to the top of these topics. To apply, please contact the school policyy wish to rent for specific instructions.


When students transfer within Frederick County or to another Maryland county, FCPS sends the original student records and retains a copy. FCPS encourages schools to adopt school-specific dress codes to establish appropriate learning environments that reinforce the school’s mission while respecting students’ rights.

Strip searches by school personnel are prohibited. Schools must be safe, provide an optimal environment for achievement and be free from violence.

Students and parents will be informed lolicy any drug and alcohol counseling and rehabilitation and re-entry programs that are available to students. Gender Discrimination Title IX of the Pooicy Amendments of prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in educational programs or activities receiving federal funds and requires equal opportunity fcp admissions, athletics, counseling, access to courses, and employment policies regarding marital or parental status of students and treatment of students.

You may add a phone number for text messaegs, sent only when a school is unexpectedly closing. Learn about the tests and assessments FCPS uses, test dates and helpful resources.

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Students who were absent from school have the responsibility to request make-up work within polixy days of their return. Apart from the Maryland State Department of Education’s graduation assessment requirements, Maryland law requires all students to take an assessment by the end of 11th grade to determine if they are “College and Career Ready.

There is hope for the Fauquier County Public Schools student holed up in his or her room for hours on end laboring over homework assignments. It is important to report bullying because it may not stop without help. Student records are accumulated and maintained by teachers and other school officials who have a legitimate professional interest in student educational records as determined by FCPS and in accordance with federal regulation, state law and Board policy and FCPS regulation.


Persons wishing to obtain records prior to destruction should contact the special education department of the school the student last attended.

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fcps homework policy

The minimum standards are outlined in Policy The Section coordinator for issues involving employees, community members or organizations is the FCPS legal counsel. If an application is warranted, safety data sheet information is provided to the school. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances that require the completion of an out of district form, please contact MaryAnn Gomez at This prohibition does not apply to individuals providing an educational unit on the effects of tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

fcps homework policy

A principal or assistant principal may make a reasonable search of a student on the school premises if there is a reasonable belief that the student is in possession of an item, the possession of which is a criminal offense under the laws of this bomework, or a violation of any other state law or an FCPS rule or regulation.

Visits by students to prospective colleges are excused up to four days per year. Maryland law requires an Integrated Pest Management IPM program to identify and control pest problems inside and outside schools. A student is counted present for a full day if the student is in attendance four hours or more of the homewkrk day.

The form must be updated each school year. fdps

Check with your school for exact times. Guidelines for distributing and posting materials in schools are in Regulation