April 1, Status and planning report submission date: January 21, Status and planning report submission date: Next, we have provided a real-time semantic basis, in order to support expressiveness and verification for structural and behavioural models. Independent subsystems only share general resources such as the CPU and memory. September 17, – June 07, Re-examination period 1:

June 3, – April 14, Next presentation dates are: School of Innovation, Design and Engineering. Measurements were conducted in a real industrial environment to verify the correctness of the proposed solution.

Abstract In industrial automation, Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks IWSNs have been increasingly applied due to a great number of benefits such as convenient installation, flexible deployment and cost efficiency.

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October 25, – Links to available thesis suggestions For now, you can find thesis suggestions at the following urls http: June 10 and June 11, Spring Period 1 End date: There are requirements on performance, usability, correctness etc.

Industrial wireless sensor and actuator networks IWSAN have been increasingly adopted in industrial automation systems. Existing solutions are either hardly able to fulfill all stringent requirements from the mission-critical industrial applications, or overcomplicated to be realized or lack verification in reality.

Because of the vulnerability of the wireless signal, IWSNs are under high risk of transmission failures, which may result in missing or delaying of process or control data. TBD Next presentation dates are: February 10, – The two most interesting operating systems that we worked on was Linux and seL4.


Kan Yu (IDT) will defend his lic thesis

April 19, – February 2, Re-examination period 1: Important dates For the next instances of the course Spring For the next instances of the course, the following important dates apply: As the main research contribution, this thesis presents design and verification techniques for model-based development of RTES, addressing expressiveness and analyzability for architectural and behavioural models.

Linux-based systems have in general less strict demands on correctness and more requirements on usability.

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JuneRe-examination period 2: The correctness aspect includes strategies on how to verify hierarchical schedulers, but also how to minimize the scheduler overhead and achieve as good run-time performance as possible.

October 17, – This paves the way for formal verification of both architectural and behavioural models, using model checking, as we have shown, by transforming the models into timed automata and performing verification using UPPAAL, a model checking tool based on timed automata. However, IWSNs are frequently deployed in harsh industrial environments with electromagnetic disturbances, moving objects and non-line-of-sight NLOS communication.

Idr, there are many challenges when it comes to scheduler synthesis.


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February 09, – September 17, – The second part of this thesis, synchronization, is an important general aspect of hierarchically scheduled systems since the isolation of subsystems makes resource sharing among subsystems more challenging. April 22, Report submission date: I propose reliable and robust routing protocols with respect to high reliability and real time performance for IWSNs.

Hierarchical scheduling has been shown to be a useful tool in counteracting the verification challenges that comes from the growing complexity in software. To address these concerns, model-based frameworks and component-based design methodologies have emerged as a feasible solution.

idt mdh thesis

School of Innovation, Design and Engineering. September 25, Report submission date: January udt, Status and planning report submission date: Traditional routing protocols in IWSNs are either hardly able to fulfill both of these requirements or overcomplicated.

However, the complexity of RTES has been ever increasing requiring systematic development methods. Bachelor and Master Theses Important tthesis The complete website is currently down and we are working on to relaunch it as soon as possible.