Regulations for Award of Ph. Entrance Examination, Results. The Kerala University Library KUL , established in , is the oldest and biggest university library in Kerala and is situated adjacent to the University Senate Hall campus in the Thiruvananthapuram city. Award of Research Grant to recognized research Institutions for the Year Supreme Court Of India , 24 Mar The fate of the students should not dangle on the basis of such nebulous or slippery words and it is only fair that the Medical Council of India clears the ambiguity by an explanation or amendment of the MCI Regulations.

The total number of members in the Academic Council of the University is 57 and the quorum for its meeting shall be 11 being one-fifth of the total members or 10 whichever is less as per Section 25 2 of the Act. These regulations having been framed by a Central body are not merely directory, but are binding on the appellant University. Research – Extension of Grace period for submission of thesis – regarding. Because this is exclusively within the purview of the Union Government. Publication of result of Ph. This service is activated in the Kerala Univeisty Library. Where the parent statute prescribes the mode of publication or promulgation that mode must be followed.

Kuhs msc nursing dissertation guidelines list -…Kuhs msc nursing dissertation guidelines list.

kuhs dissertation guidelines

It is declared that the KUHS Regulations is a statute in the making or a statute in process incomplete in itself and is neither valid nor effective as a statute applying the law laid down in Rajendra Agricultural University’s case. Any Regulations made by the Universities which are inconsistent with the MCI Regulations or which dilute the criteria laid down by the MCI will not be valid to the extent of inconsistency or dilution.


Please subscribe to download the judgment. Payment of UGC Fellowship Schemes – last date of submission of application for extension of fellowship through University for the period ending D degree Circular- Conduct of Ph.

kuhs dissertation guidelines

Guidelines for Submission of Thesis. PhD Entrance Examination – uploading results reg. Summary Please sign up to view Summary.

Bharathan, Senior Advocates, Mr. It will then take effect from the date of such publication or promulgation.

Universities must necessarily be guided by the MCI Regulations. Pattern of Question Paper for Ph.

It remains to be seen as to whether better wisdom dawned on the University to impose stricter conditions for the candidates to secure a pass on the basis of the recommendations of the Academic Council while framing KUHS Regulations.

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If a very well-written answer-script goes to a strict examiner and a mediocre answer-script goes to a liberal examiner, the mediocre answer-script may be awarded more marks than the excellent answer-script. Circular – Conduct of Doctoral Committee meetings for Ph. Rules for the payment of fees by Research Scholars. The Medical Council of India shall clarify as to whether each candidate should simultaneously pass the theory and practical securing 50 percent marks in each which can be incorporated in the KUHS Regulations appropriately.

Extension of last date of submission for applications for Best Thesis Award The views and recommendations of the Post-graduate committee shall be placed before the Council who shall agree with it or forward the same to the Central Government for a decision in case of any disagreement. Repetitive undertaking of examinations after having secured the minimum prescribed does not scale up the standard and can only be termed as oppressive from the point of view of the student.


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Syllabus of Research Methodology for Course Work. The needful in this regard shall be done within an outer time limit guidelinnes four months from the date of receipt of this judgment and the examinations for which process has already started shall however continue.

Rajendra Agricultural University vs. PhD entrance result announced. The following excerpt will be useful:. You have reach your max limit.

The Tamil Nadu Dr. PhD Entrance Examination – The KUHS Regulations are not consistent with or in conformity with the MCI Regulations in the matter of prescribing a minimum of 50 percent marks in theory and practical simultaneously in order to secure a pass in the examinations.

It was observed therein as follows: This is a paid feature. PhD Entrance Examination – The MCI Regulations cannot ipso facto lead to the conclusion that a Post-graduate medical student should pass the khus and yuidelines simultaneously in a composite system and not individually in a component system. Also there is no insistence that the candidate who has failed in one subject either theory or practical should again appear for all the papers including theory and practical in the MCI Regulations as in the KUHS Guidelinrs.

kuhs dissertation guidelines