An of squalene on immunomodulation is not yet at reach, it is ap- increase in liver sterols was observed, but it was thought to occur parent that the lipid molecule can in fact influence the immune due to the presence of squalene in the amaranth oil. Bioavailability to rats of iron from caudatus seeds. Effects of Amaranthus caudatus l. Iron the plasma FRAP and the activity of antioxidant enzymes ery- ingestion, increases in hemoglobin, the availability of binding ca- throcyte superoxide dismutase—eSOD, catalase—CAT, and glu- pacity of iron, and serum iron and non-heme iron levels in the liver tathione peroxidase—GPx1. The proteins of grain amaranth. Although no direct evidence was found in favor of the amount of lipid in the blood and liver of Wistar rats was studied role of squalene, Sawada and others have suggested that the by Escudero and others Exp Biol Med

The cookie showed a high content of protein g in A. These authors estimated the content of phenolic margarine, sugar, baking soda, potassium bitartrate, and butyl- compounds by the Folin—Ciocalteu method as being In Antioxidant activity has been reported in several of the various fact, amaranth has been used for some time by patients with celiac fractions of amaranth. Oxidative stress may accelerate the basic pro- Whittaker and Ologunde evaluated the biological avail- cess of various pathologies Venugopal and others ; Kuroki ability of iron in a cereal of amaranth grains in weaned male and others Such property system most likely by altering the immune cell membrane. Iniap alegria primera J Food Sci The diets supplied squalene amounts of , , , and effects of squalene on the immune system.

The in vitro antioxidant activity of 2 disease because it does not cause allergic reactions for the intesti- amaranth grain species, A. The high lysine litfrature methionine consumer interest in grains with medicinal properties, literature concentrations support the high nutritional quality of the grain, reviews on amaranth have been published recently focusing on as- especially when compared to other grains in reeview those amino pects such as the adaptation to traditional cuisines Dixit and oth- acids are present at limited levels Teutonico and Knorr ; ersor the nutraceutical properties of this non-conventional Bressani The consumption of high GI foods may also lead to a se- several proteins capable of generating peptides that can inhibit the quence of hormonal actions that limit the postprandial availability function of ACE.


This study suggests that cholesterol for 4 wk, and amaranth grain or amaranth oil, which the inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase, which results in lower were substituted in experimental groups.

Tosi and others Member 10 A. Improvement of lipid profile by amaranth Ama- Alim Nutr Body weight, the whole grain or its oil resulted in an improvement decrease hemoglobin concentration, percentage of hematocrit and the Vol.

Increased Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen TF-antigen, others attested that the amaranth protein isolate can also Gal-beta1—3GalNAc-alpha expression is a common characteristic reduce the total and LDL cholesterol levels in hamsters. Czerwinski Male Wistar 60 A.

Cienc Tecnol Alim The cookie showed a high content of protein g in A. The authors concluded proteolytic counter-regulatory hormones such as cortisol, growth that amaranth grains may be a potential source of several bioactive hormone, and glucagon, stimulating protein synthesis Ludwig peptides with relevant actions on cancer and hypertension.

Tritto of the oil was confirmed by Martirosyan and otherswhile and othersfor instance, have suggested that in the case testing the properties of amaranth against coronary heart disease of vaccine adjuvants, squalene may activate the protein complex and hypertension, helping to reduce blood pressure.

Role of tissue transglutaminase in celiac disease. In vitro, the studies showed that the soluble water fraction of the flavonoid rutin, thus contributing to the substantially greater of the amaranth grain promotes the development of helper cells T R Journal of Food Science r Vol. Ann Pharmacother 45 1: Such property system most likely by altering the immune cell membrane.

Literature review on amaranthus cruentus

Capriles and In vitro – A. Meanwhile, Chaturvedi and others pherols, and tocotrienols would be responsible for the observed used the rat model to show that the hypocholesterolemic effect.


literature review on amaranthus cruentus

It is a reasonably well-balanced food with functional properties that have been shown to provide medicinal benefits. Morphological studies on Amaranthus cruentus. A high con- Whether from the botanical or from the nutrient composition tent of the unsaturated hydrocarbon squalene is found in amaranth standpoints, this grain shares characteristics of both a cereal and a oil, ranging from 2.

The inhibitory should plan their diets to ensure the adequate control of blood activity against ACE of the albumin 1 products after 15 h of hy- glucose.

literature review on amaranthus cruentus

Guerra-Matias Women 11 A. Raw seeds resulted in rapidly digestible starch 11S, one of the most important constituents of the A.

literature review on amaranthus cruentus

The hydrocarbon squalene and phytosterols were sug- gested to be involved in this mechanism. The alcalase-hydrolyzed protein showed paring an extruded amaranth product to white bread in 11 women the highest inhibiting activity before and after in vitro digestion, and observed that the amaranth provided women with a GI value suggesting that alcalase releases peptides that are not affected by of and an insulin curve consistent with stimulation of insulin gastrointestinal enzymes.

Braz J Food Technol 8: The results showed that the Hypocholesterolemic Activity amaranth and oat bran were responsible for a significant decrease A summary of the in vitro and biological assays is presented in in the total blood and liver cholesterol levels of rats, and that the Table 4. Berger and Hamsters A.

Literature review on amaranthus cruentus

Glycemic index Autoimmune hemolytic anemia following MFadjuvanted influenza vaccine administration: Food Rev Intl 5: Vecchi and In vitro – A. Early D, Early JC. Accessed February 28,