Consequently, uncertainty is high as various factors determine the future states of a firm. Berechnung des besonderen Zinsrisikos auf Basis der iTraxx Indexfamilie. This has two main implications. Liu and Strong argue that transaction costs decline over time; in particular, decimalization in increased liquidity such that it lowered costs for buying and selling, as in Da and Schaumburg Master thesis, more… Beckmann, Martin: Taking these conditions into account, we are left with , target price change observations. Master thesis, more… Neumann, Moritz:

To estimate total round-trip transaction costs for buying and selling, we use the results of Keim and Madhavan , who provide an estimation procedure for the costs incurred by institutions in trading exchange-listed and NASDAQ stocks depending on their market capitalization. Quarterly Median Absolute Deviations Figure 3. Investigating the basis risk of Bitcoin futures. Berechnung des besonderen Zinsrisikos auf Basis der iTraxx Indexfamilie. The master thesis colloquium is a regular component of a master thesis at our institute and consists of a preliminary discussion of the topic, a discussion of the compulsory project outline after weeks, ongoing assistance by a research and teaching assistant as well as feedback. An empirical analysis of European companies. Bachelor of Arts Alexander Zureck Author.

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The sample contains remarkably more hold, sell, and strong sell recommendations issued with target pricesthan the sample 20, used by Brav and Lehavypresumably due to the observed time period. The first main difference is that our sample spans the years —, whereas the previous studies are based on target price changes from around to An empirical unternehmeensbewertung of European companies. Real Options in Strategic Management.


News Announcements Events Research Projects. Master thesis, more… Amtmann, Stefan: Diplom thesis, more… Putzer, Magdalena: Second, there is evidence that the information in target price changes is even more important than the information in recommendation levels for predicting future abnormal thesiis.

Large VAR modeling with application to energy data.

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Credit as an Asset Class. Additionally, as volatilities have been found relevant for bankruptcy unternehmensgewertung using implied volatilities from the stock markets in previous studies e. Master thesis, more… Cossmann, Eike Alexander: In other words, future dividends are expected to stay constant.

The spreads are clearly significant within each recommendation category.

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Furthermore, Huang et al. Calibration of the Das, Foresi, Balduzzi and Sundaram three-factor short rate model.

Therefore this dissertation sheds light on predicting future performance of a company with three distinct chapters. Within this chapter Fielmann is going to be analyzed from different perspectives like the market or the analyst coverage.

Master thesis, more… Bohner, Christian: This version of the DVM assumes that dividends grow over time at a specific rate. Master thesis, more… Roemer, Nikolas: Diplom thesis, more… Kemmler, Bastian: Master thesis, more… Rosenkranz, Fabian: On discrete variance-optimal hedging in affine stochastic volatility models of the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck type.


We require the name of the analyst and a previous target price from the same analyst for the firm not to be older than one year. It is theoretically appealing and performs better especially for longer forecast horizons than standard methods.

Company Valuation and Bankruptcy Prediction

Finally, one major aspect that is often neglected in valuing companies is the possibility of firms to go bankrupt. State-dependent Bootstrapping of Investment Unternehmensgewertung. Diplom thesis, more… Zheng, Yiying: Numerical valuation of the mean variance hedge in affine stochastic volatility models.

Master thesis, more… KramlingerPeter: Occasions Each mwster evaluation has its own occasion. After the theoretical discussion, these approaches are used to mastsr a value for the Fielmann AG on December 31st The sample consists of all target price changes available between January and December for which a recommendation reiteration or change is available from the same analyst at the time of the target price change announcement.

Median Quarterly Defaults Figure 4.

master thesis unternehmensbewertung

Due to the significant differences in overall market returns for these two periods [6] and the fact that the value of stock recommendations is known to depend on the overall market condition see Barber et al.