I say this because of the evolving nature of COT–past sessions are not necessarily a reflection of the current conditions at COT. If your medical school has reasonable tuition, but you still really want to spend some time in the military, you may want to consider the Financial Assistance Program FAP offered by the Air Force, Army, and Navy. Also be sure to wear sneakers and not sandals or they won’t let you into the physical station. It’s not going to look good for them,” Ayala said. My name is Luke Ballard. From what we are told, the chance of someone not being able to do what he or she wants is very slim, but I am skeptical. Now, to boast about that 80 hour cap is irrelevant since all institutions need to comply as of Summer

There are thousands upon thousands of people in the Armed Forces, dedicating their lives to protecting the country. Wilford Hall and Travis are the only two AF radiology residency programs. If a student wants a residency not offered at an AF hospital, then he or she can rank a civilian deferment as the first choice. Some are likely deterred from applying for competitive residencies based on the number of spots available as well, distorting the percentages somewhat. Doctors make a lot of specialty pay that is not included as part of the retirement package. If you do have a disqualifying condition, there is a chance you may still be eligible for a medical waiver. In other situations, certain patients are being referred to civilian hospitals for care; residents may lose the experience of treating these patients.

Medical School Admission Requirements: In return for FAP you owe year-for-year of residency, plus one. Digital submission of one-page hpdp statement to: They literally called me out of the blue the moment I was thinking about a military scholarship, so Syatement said what the heck and let them talk to me for a while and applied and got the scholarship and here I am.

What are the chances of being pulled from medical school or residency during times of war?

U.S. Naval Officer Motivational Statement Essay – Navy’s core values in order to protect USA

Let’s hope the trend of good fortune continues. It’s tough to guess, so if you have your heart set on an unusual or persknal competitive residency be very conscious of this when deciding whether or not to take the scholarship! However, I still want the freedom to practice in a civilian setting if my four years of duty are a bad experience. USUHS students are essentially on active personzl as soon as they enter medical school and for the next 7 to who-knows-how-many-years of their lives after that depending on how long their post-grad education is; they all have to do military residencies and may owe more time as I describe above.


What this means is that if you navvy the AF after 19 years and 11 months of service, you get zero in retirement benefits; you have to be active for the full twenty years to qualify.

This process is much earlier than the normal residency application process. I know some physicians have been sorely disappointed by assignments to active duty locations low or not even on their “wish list”, something they tell you will “never” happen. Moreover, COT during perzonal summer of was highly demanding, though I have been informed that, based on feedback from attendees and the Surgeon General, the requirements have been relaxed relative to this perslnal and are now more appropriate.

The military application is due in mid-September of the fourth year of medical school, whereas civilian applications are accepted from September through November for most programs. Getting away from your medical school for these rotations is typically straightforward; most schools are extremely cooperative, and if it is impossible for some reason, other arrangements can likely be made. I say this because of the evolving nature of COT–past sessions navu not necessarily a reflection of the current conditions at COT.

navy hpsp personal statement

So I will not only be caring for young men and women, but for people in all age groups from newborns to the elderly. Additionally, I won’t have to enter the military lifestyle for several years even longer with a civilian residencynot that it is such a big deal to wear a uniform. Slim, but not zero. Those that apply to civilian residency programs, but match with an AF residency are absolutely required to withdraw from the perwonal match.

This way you get to do your specialty of choice, no questions.

navy hpsp personal statement

Previously, I stated on this website that the perdonal duty is served nav with medical school, but I stand corrected. Also remember, with every extra year of service see below you acquire, you also acquire an additional year of service in the reserves.


This may become a factor when seeking fellowship training, which also counts in this equation. It was a great experience that helped me gain a better understanding of what it is like being an AF doctor and also helped prepare me for my clinical rotations later on during my third year of medical school.

After interviewing, I decided that the radiology program at Wilford Hall in San Antonio, TX would be a great place for me and ranked it as my first choice. Having gone through the residency application and interview process for stateent the military and civilian matches, I still don’t know how to objectively compare one persoonal to another.

Now, to boast about that 80 hour cap is irrelevant since all institutions need to comply as of Summer This obligation is a point of confusion for many HPSP recipients including myself and notoriously poorly explained by recruiters.

Military Match Personal Statement

It is difficult to determine the exact pay you will earn for each specialty in advance, but it does correlate with civilian salaries and increases with years of service. There are many books published on these subjects. I do not see a clear, compelling, and relevant motivation within your work. There were about four different sessions to choose from, but you may not have much choice; my class was from the end of June through the end of July.

Statekent you do not enjoy the thought of serving the country as a military physician with the military firstthe money will never make-up for the sacrifices and uncertainties involved during your few years of commitment. The statemeht may be interested in your family, what they think about you possibly joining the Air Force, if anyone you know is in the Armed Forces, what you think of the Air Force and why you want to be a part of it.