But the roots of his writing lie far back in literary history. It was still, by my standards, early, I didn’t want to go back to the faded carpets, the varnish, the stuffiness, the tawdry sitting-room and bleak bedroom of that very historic hotel. The author finds pleasure. This curlew — ah! He was educated first at a Bristol school, and then at University College, London, where one of his friends was R. That mood does express itself in the plot and the incidents of the libretto, although in them it is empty of value or passion. The prose, as anyone may see by dip- ping into Mr.

Accept these two spots of sadness the entire sea beach is brushed with fun and various walking gaiety. Ex- pressions of this kind are sometimes wanton and only half thought out; but they go very deep in the subjective direction. Rocks, darkness, blood, poisonous fungi, the oily scales of gigantic snakes, rotting bodies dead and alive, lovely things gone purulent and a prey to armies of worms: I was seven hours dying in great agony, and one of my brothers was twelve. Sands are marked with the foot-prints of birds, rabbits and small creatures. He is never obscure, never recondite; but, like Brown- ing, he sends a veritable multiplex of ideas along a single wire. Beaters, of course, and cartridges must be paid for, to say nothing of the sin of waste.

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In this sense the Greeks were the least heathen of men. The father beams with pride at this cotuageous deed of the child. And we are sure that the Queen of Night, and the ugly negro and all his goose-stepping attendants, are not punished.

And in more purged and abstract mood he would dream of divine Beauty, throned in plains of inaccessible azure, remote from the squalor and vice of the actual, sublimely placid, Beauty who never smiled and never wept. That too is the esay in which flowers and all animals are of equal import with mankind; it is the world of dragons in which the serpent of the first act would not seem to be made of paste- board, and in which all the magic would not seem to be mere conjuring.

It stood as a reaction against the Direct Method.

Robert Lynd Captures a Beautiful Atmosphere in the Essay “Sea Side”

But in the writings seasids Cicero, such as the De Senectute, the dramatic interest is but slight, and the whole thing approaches far more nearly to the essay than to the novel. He is an ” auditive ” as well as a ” visualist,” to employ the precious classification of the psy- chiatrists. At this season, she informed me, it was fit for gathering to pickle and put by for use during the year.


Roberf move like bees and butterflies. Children do this for pleasure.

seaside essay robert lynd

How does this sentence hold good in the light of this essay? But suddenly I heard him also: As they came lower and lower over me I could almost swear I heard them whisper to each other with their long bills, and presently I abso- lutely caught what they ssaside saying: HUDSON seemed, but a shadowy something which sadness had left in them, when all pleasure and all interest in life forsook her, lynnd all affections, and she no longer cherished either memories or hopes.

seaside essay robert lynd

Or like Justice in Plato’s Republic, a thing which the talkers set out to define, and which ends by being the one thing left in a state when the definable qualities are taken away? The essayist wants to hold the balance; and if he is apt to neglect the sublimities of life, it is because he is apt to think that they can take care of themselves; and that if there is the joy of adventure, the thrill of the start in the fresh air of the morning, the rapture of ardent companionship, the gladness of the arrival, yet there must be long spaces in between, when the pilgrim jogs steadily along, and seems to come no nearer to the spire on the horizon or to the shining embanked cloudland of the West.

He must be con- cerned with the pageant of life, as it weaves itself with a moving tapestry of scenes and figures rather than with the aims and purposes of life. I did not hear but, as it were, felt an answer. Did you ever go into Somerset House to see the will of William Shakespeare, or — in short, did you ever see Lon- don?

He does not possess the famous New England conscience. It’s only too easy to write for those avid of sentimentalism, or to express what Thomas Huxley calls ” sen- sualistic caterwauling. His later work, say, beginning with The Tragic Muse, is the prose equivalent of the seven arts in a revolutionary ferment.


I remembered all this while the golfers were streaming by, and wondered if this poor woman did not, like her fellow-villagers, cherish a secret bitterness against those who had deprived them of the use of the dunes where for generations they had been accustomed to walk or sit or lie on the loose yellow sands among the barren grasses, and had also cut off their direct way to the sea where they went daily in search of bits of firewood and 38 THE SAMPHIRE GATHERER whatever else the waves threw up which would be a help to them in their poor lives.

It may even be imputed as a fault to Hawthorne that he can never, or almost never, escape from the equable rhythm of his prose. The industry bands are flying kites. They are busy doing nothing.

Robert lynd essay seaside

It is like a great cathedral with High Mass and children playing hide-and-seek behind the pillars; and the Mass would not be itself without the children.

If he is a politician, or a soldier, or an emperor, or a plough-boy, or a thief, and is absorbed in what he is doing, with a vital anxiety to make profit or position or influence out of it; if he hates his opponents and rewards his friends; if he condemns, despises, disapproves, he at once forfeits sympathy and largeness of view.

In that case heathenism, under the guise of a search for a purer wisdom, is working in their souls against wisdom of any sort. The rescuers keep up sounding music especially on a day of wind and waves. He was accompanied by four gray-hens, who, settling in a semi-circle, began at once: It’s clear we could never eat him fresh, and what we do not eat at once we do not touch!

This may be nothing but conjecture or fancy, but if she had been a visitor from another world she could not have seemed more strange to me.

The river, with a moon reflected in it, ran quietly under the old stone bridge, overhung by willows insubstantial in the moonshine. Some day, I have said, I will surely have a look at this place.