Journal of Business Logistics, 27 2 , Sarkar, A. The case includes three main sections: Then, the distribution operation is carried out by the suppliers distributors, whose function is to deliver the goods into Sonae MC stores. Produce results by measuring the supplier performance. Metrics can serve as critical measures of success for any organization and, in particular, the sales force More information. Comparing methods for multiattribute decision making 9.

Seven steps to measure supplier performance. Merces, considering such things as impact on sales and dimensions , over the period of 3 months since June until August of and analyzing the performance of just one of the industrial bread suppliers Bimbo company. Increase Revenues with Channel Sales Management Executive Summary Why is it so difficult to grow revenue, identify emerging customers and partners, and expand into new markets through the indirect sales. Regarding the MDL T. Therefore, the base level implemented in each indicator was as follows: Sonae MC, the company in study in this paper, is one of the several areas of Grupo Sonae, responsible for the food retail business. Introduction The term rating system comprises all of the methods, processes, controls, data collection and IT systems that support More information.

The Case Centre is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England No and entered in the Register of Charities No By implementing the model and through certain indicators, it is intended to measure the performance of these suppliers in the activities they undertake in the company stores, since caee to date there is no representative data of this performance. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Taking into account the service levels verified, it is also recommended for the manager to inform the supplier about the most concerning results, wherein the supplier should take immediate actions caase ensure that its representatives performance is improved. Enterprise Competency Domains Layer slnae Why taking control of the little things matters when looking at the big picture Mastering Big Data Why taking control of the little things matters when looking at the big picture 2 Big Data represents a big opportunity and a big reality Many industry analysts and advisors are looking More information.


Sonae MC: When Lean Comes to Service | The Case Centre, for programme administrators

Solymosi and Dombi and Barron proposed the rank order centroid weights technique. Once again, all this information must be communicated to the supplier, since these service levels are unacceptable and may have direct consequences for Sonae MC. Monitoring the Online Marketplace Xonae Track s Actionable Insights Monitoring the Online Marketplace Developing a plan to stay on top stuyd fluctuations in products and pricing online Key Questions Do you know how your products are priced More information.

A fuzzy approach for supplier evaluation and selection in supply chain management. Brasilia, Brazil, December 3 5, Among the main observations, it follows that: Merces store, the service dtudy evolution in the replenishment and product management and returns categories are represented in the graphs of the figures 9 and This appendix summarizes, in chronological order of publication, three foundational More information.

The time when purchases were made at grocery stores which held all kinds of goods in a small shudy has long. By observing the chart, it stdy be concluded that the distributor’s performance was much lower than the desired for the two indicators. Define activity mix in logistics business 3. The Warehouse Ltd Web Portal is free, easy and has improved our accuracy.

At last, in the literature, there are many authors who have made different types of studies that focus, or at least suggest, different ways to implement a supplier evaluation system into a company s business strategy Bourne et al.

This report is the sixth in a series of white papers designed to help forward-thinking distributors increase efficiency, More information. Issues in inventory control models with demand and supply uncertainty Thesis proposal Abhijit B. Quality Progress, 38 8Gordon, S.

sonae mc case study

The time when purchases were made at grocery stores which held all kinds of goods in a small space has long More information. Therefore, this denotes an opportunity for improvement that should be explored by the company s responsible manager, in which by demanding a better performance from suppliers, could enhance sales further. A dimensional model is based on dimensions, facts, cubes, and schemas such as star and snowflake. Metrics can serve as critical measures of success for any organization and, in particular, the sales force More information.


By observing the graph of figure 4, it is possible to analyze the service levels evolution over the period. It was concluded that there is a general lack of control in operations performed by the suppliers distributors, as well as the measurement of their performance.

In addition, it is safe to state that the developed model can be transversal to other areas that involve the direct delivery business, which may serve as groundwork to develop future work in both theoretical and practical aspects.

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BSC does not focus on historical data, but data from the past is used to generate information for the future. The image on the left corresponds to the home menu screen, while the right side shows a template of some category assessment.

sonae mc case study

In this context, the relationship between suppliers and retailers has gained increased importance, where the performance of each of these entities has direct and reciprocal impacts. Third party logistics in Europe five years later. Product details Share this page: The objective of this study was to determine the actual status-quo in terms of stucy of some kind of operations control, Figure 1 Industrial bread supply chain operations Direct store delivery channel 3. Equation 3 shows the representative formula for the final or general service level calculus: