If you are looking to have hundreds of people using your system at once then you will need a very fast computer and probably a web based solution. The ages are between 11 and 16, so why not make the age 16 in length? S – Yes M – You could evidence this by showing screen shots of this happening A – Maybe , this should be possible, but why are you writing your own code, can’t you use a library? So now it’s time to start thinking about what sort of project you are going to make. Write all of this down somewhere, it’s going to come in useful for your Analysis! Also having more will give you more to write about in your later sections. It may also indicate other external systems that you are interacting with.

You have to make a program for a real user , this is very important, you can’t just make them up. Fundamentals of programming 2. Retrieved from ” https: What data will you need to store for your system to work? You need a real life user, could you ask you Physics teacher to come up with a scenario to simulate?

This is really important and lots of people spend so much time coding that they forget to complete the write up.

Overall test strategy This chapter aims to give vomputing the skills to complete your A2 Computing project. Unlike the rest of the course this unit is entirely based on coursework submitted in May. You might want to throw in some nice features such as a messaging and mailing system. Whilst you are getting those skills, head over to Design.

It may also indicate other external systems that you are interacting with.

The important thing is that you show how data moves through the current system, where it is stored, where it will be processed and how you plan it to move through the new system. Over the course of the project you will be creating a report.


a2 computing coursework wikibooks

Projects that I’ve marked in the past have included: This chapter aims to give you the skills to complete your A2 Computing project.

In most cases you’ll use a database, but you could also use a file-based system or xml. In other languages Add links. S – Yes M – Yes, You could evidence this by showing debug coursewodk, maybe a counter tallying transactions A – Maybeyou would be hitting processing speed limitations and probably limitations in speed R – Nothis system sounds too complex as this level of speed would only be required in something like Google or Facebook T – Nothis sounds like cutting edge industry level stuff, are you sure you could achieve it in the time given?

Do the following sound complex enough? Make sure that all information on users, current system problems, proposed system features etc. There will be a lot of concepts that you need to be familiar with, definitions are highlighted like so:. You might get away with it by building it in mySQL with a web front end, but you should still be looking to include some of the more complex wikiboosk such as displaying graphs and statistical data on sales.

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The length should be a more sensible 3. In particular, please say if the book assumes any knowledge or skills which not all A-Level Computer Science students have.

a2 computing coursework wikibooks

This is very easy with a database, but you must get beyond the defaults of add, edit, delete, that something like Access gives you. Users aren’t necessarily going to find you so if you are a member of a local sports club, church, drama society etc.


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Fundamentals of functional programming A-level only Non-exam assessment Where are you wikibooke to get this data from? If you know someone who runs a small business could you write a system to keep track of when staff were on duty, how much stock they have, how many sales they make?

Fundamentals of data structures 3. Policies and guidelines Contact us. This will prove to the marker that your project has a real client. Always check with your teacher about complexity. This is really important and lots of people spend so much time coding that they forget to complete the write up. The exam wikiboois has been coursewkrk kind and if you check out the mark scheme wikihooks even provide a list of things that you need to include in your Analysis. Think about using complex queries and fancy ways to present your results.

Make sure you check with your teacher. The solution will only be available offline. If you’re using a database it can be harder to tell if your project is going to be complex. Make sure that within the time and resources available you will be able to complete the objective. These might include the system not storing user log in details as these will be managed by LDAP or, a system not enforcing spin on a pool ball, as that specific feature isn’t needed by wikiooks teacher and the developer not having enough time to implement it.