Who can use this Case Study Simulation? It will keep you from going off track as well. Assignment — this is the important document that you will receive during the case study. To further up your preparation, we have compiled some of the tips that will be useful for the case study you are about to take:. The course covers EPSO case study exam and discusses many examples. Brain dominance and personality types were new things for me” Mr. However, in our very own Scoring Grid we have also added a competency we are fully aware that EPSO is assessing, although in an indirect way:.

Brain dominance and personality types were new things for me” Mr. What are the competencies assessed in the Case Study? Do not take anything for granted. All you need to do is get yourself familiarized with the tasks at hand from the perspective of a future administrator at an EU institution. So let us cut to the chase and dive in!

So let us cut to the chase and dive in! Make sure that through your report, you have demonstrated the two for Administrators or four for Assistants key competencies assessed in the case study. Make sure that you can communicate your ideas clearly and concise, while not losing touch of some creativity that will catch the attention of the marker.

Analysis and Problem Solving — the ability to identify critical facts in complex issues and develop creative and practical solutions.

case study epso tips

And I passed it. Basic, Advanced and Expert. Here, you will find important instructions about the exercise as well as your role, the time, and the questions that you are about to solve.


Simplicity Is Key — Make your sentences as simple as you see fit.

Knowledge in the field of expertise What do you get with your Case Study Simulation? The Case Study may be held in the participant’s second language. Remember that every piece of information counts.

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Head of Unit instructions; EU officials interactions with regards to decision-making situations ; EU directives and regulations related to the profile-orientated problem arised; Internal Working Papers i.

Delivering quality and Results — the ability to take responsibility and initiative for delivering work to a high standard of quality within set procedures. Essay — After you have received and carefully read the assignment, it is then time that you proceed to writing the essay. It is time then to test your general and specific competencies through four tests.

Brain dominance and personality types were new things for me” Mr. Here, you are to lecture a presentation in front of two EU assessors. Does that mean that we are experts on all of these fields?

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Practice Speed-reading — Since there is a time limit, you must effectively communicate what you want to say with the correct information backing it up. Drafting policies Implementing EU law Analysis or advisory work The policy sectors that an administrator covers include: Make sure that you understand the mission, tipa question, and your role. The recommended structure that you may apply in the case study goes like this: Here are further tips that will help you write well:.


I think the training was extremely helpful for the preparation of the assessment centre, and I am very glad I attended it. Our sample case studies for any given field of expertise consist of: EPSO Case Study Competencies As mentioned, the assessment centre tests seek to assess a couple competencies that one must possess in order to have a successful career within the environment of European Institutions.

We do tailored case studies to suit almost all profile. It will also epsp off the burden of time-pressure from your shoulders, allowing you to think more clearly. So, make sure you check properly the profiles just as you check the how-tos of the test.

case study epso tips

Write Your Main Ideas tis Write down the key sentences in every paragraph before the rest. Success in this test is crucial for success in the Assessment Center. The course starts at You are now in the assessment centre phase.

However, the journey is still not over. E-mail your video to us. Within 5 working days, we will forward you a pdf file similar to that of the mock EPSO oral presentation bunch of background documents, between 17 and 20, with fake e-mails, internal working papers, case studies, etc.