It explains key processes including data segmentation, the use of historical data, and predictive analytics, and is an essential read for this case study. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. This is the process of using Big Data to determine the highest price a customer is likely to pay for a product. I have included the book here because there are many examples that could be useful for the ITGS case study – Asociacion de Supermercados Independientes: Feel free to share your ideas! The supermarket in question is Tesco, who are installing cameras not for security reasons, but to recognise returning customers and present them with targeted adverts. Although it does not refer to supermarkets, this is a very clear explanation of JIT.

Introduction Strand 1 1. The disparate systems containing the original data are frequently managed and operated by different employees. Today I am posting 7 more videos which provide a deeper explanation of the benefits of Big Data in retail. I think the 2 mark definition questions will be quite predictable – define ‘big data’ and another one of the terms on page Term 2 Gr12 Lesson Plans:

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It is important to keep good notes so that information can be reviewed before the exam and the related sources can be provided. Shoppers Who Can’t Have Secrets discusses the world of behavioural tracking 22015 a key technique used in the collection of Big Data by supermarkets and other retailers.

itgs case study 2015 definitions

This video includes a lot good, brief examples of the use of Big Data not always linked to retailincluding the famous example of Target knowing a defintiions was pregnant before her father did. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. This could be particularly effective on websites where customers cannot see the price others are paying. This site uses cookies.


The Lempert Report – Oct Using Big Data definitiojs Improve the Customer Experience This video from Definitiosn — who produce Big Data solutions — examines the process and benefits of Big Data analysis using a detailed case study of an online video store. The interview addresses the history of the project as well as the opportunities and challenges offered by Big Data. Extract, transform, load In computing, extract, transform, and load ETL refers to a process in database usage and especially in data warehousing that: Global organizations collect and analyze data associated with customers, cefinitions processes, market economics or practical experience.

Using big data for smarter online supermarket shopping discusses a different side of Big Data that is sometimes forgotten – the use of analytics to optimize business efficiency.

Such techniques include facial recognition cameras and even the use of WiFi signals to detect the location of customers within the store so that movement patterns can be gathered. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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This link was very kindly shared by a fellow ITGS teacher. Term 3 Project HL Only 3. This is the process of using Big Data to determine the highest price a customer is likely to pay for a product. There is no true meaning to a text.

– An Investigation into Big Data – Mr. Stevenson´s ITGS Classroom

There are great examples in here that clearly relate to several ITGS social and ethical issues. As mentioned in the case study, privacy is a key concern for ASI, and as such they may want to write a privacy policy to cover how they will use Big Data. For our mock, we got questions written by the teachers, and the 12 mark one was about an implementation strategy for the new system.


It also covers some of the issues related to data collection and highlights the sheer scale of Big Data: Tesco’s Club Card is perhaps one of the best known loyalty schemes in the UK. Websites have longed tracked visitors using cookies and similar techniques. Specific examples of the risks of Big Data seem to be fairly thin on the ground.

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The examples in this article include trying to group delivery times for online orders so they can be performed with fewer vehicles. This detailed article offers a detailed discussion of Boots’ Advantage Card – a loyalty card offered by this well-known pharmacy chain.

Written by two key players in the project – Clive Humby and Terry Hunt – the book does tend to focus more on a business and marketing angle. Both the secondary and primary research form the foundation for the Mock examination and also for preparing students for the actual examinations.

itgs case study 2015 definitions

Notify me of new comments via email. It gives excellent examples of how specific pieces of information can be gathered, clustered, and analysed.