Chat with him a bit and then follow the lines to learn Drunken Master. I’ll give you money, yes? That is why I have come here now. I was in love. You can keep him as a companion now or send him back to base camp.

The one to the left takes us further north, of course, and the one to the right leads to another fork in the road. On your way into Heaven, make sure you read the two scrollstands in the temple for extra experience. Hells, it was probably his old lady that offed him in the first place, and for good reason, too, I bet. Thanks a lot, guys. You weren’t this weak when we We’ve made it to the inner sanctum. As much as I despise those things, I do like how some of them have different mask designs.

Apparently, this particular executioner thought cleaving half of someone’s head off is the same thing as beheading. You can keep him as a companion now or send him back to base camp.

The two Lost Spirits and the Insane Emperor Ghost jadf all able to drain our health and chi with their attacks, and with three of them doing that we’ll want to watch out. Not really that useful, as most spirit enemies give crappy EXP anyway and 1.

In order to get fmpire crystal from him, you need to agree to kill the Forest Shadow; so, [Lie] that you will do so. A “subdued” prisoner could get close enough to deal with Sen. I dealt with Merchant Bai.


jade empire bladed thesis test

I claimed my silver without a problem, but the shopkeeper’s son had ducked out the back and ran to tell the guards. That has to be it. The Either of Discord is as unique as it is ancient, however.

The Gem of Unity can wait until we’re able to equip a larger number of gems at once. You’re here from Shen? The family wouldn’t exactly have given me a live man to bury, now would they? I suppose we’ll do that. He has a Magic attack typically Ice Shard and the regular cannibals are slow enough that you can keep them at bay with Area Attacks and focus on their master. I think that last one just might be the most cringeworthy “Closed Fist” line of dialog in a game full of questionable Closed Fist lines.

That’s Gravedigger Shen’s quests done as well, so let’s see what our next destination is.

Jade Empire: Special Edition PC Game Guide – The Gamers’ Temple – Page 24

I think he’s actually at level 12 or 13 at this point. Go out the north gate of Tien’s Landing and you’ll have to fight off several ghosts.

jase That means we’re done with Tien’s Landing, aside from one last round of camp conversations. Here’s the standard bounty. I see no need to tell it to anyone but myself.

The Zither of Discord

After you destroy them, Black Whirlwind and Henpecked Hou show up and your current follower automatically takes off to kill cannibals. One strong attack from Leaping Tiger, and this fight is over.


jade empire bladed thesis test

You weren’t this weak when we In the intervening years, I’ve come to believe that it was more than simple horseplay. The chest next to the inner sanctum door contains the Spirit Harvest, which boosts EXP from killing ghosts at jaed cost of no powerups from spirit enemies.

How could I have neglected you like that? Well, that brings an end to our pursuit of two fiends.

Within a few steps you’ll meet Zin Bu. If you saved The Sickened Forest for last, Inquisitor Lim is waiting for you in area where you exit the caves.

jade empire bladed thesis test

I can’t give refunds like that! Take the stairs north from the temple and follow the path to a large clearing.

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Also, if ghost dad here was able to follow Aishi for years, couldn’t he just appear in front of her one day and tell her he was worried about her? She has a most interesting tale to share. I realize they’re going for the ironic echo, but what is it Captain Sen would be telling the others about?

In that moment I will seize some of his life force, making myself stronger.