With the train going through the town, more and more people would see the town and this would attract their attention into coming and visiting. After which, the comments section will be locked. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Thats why the innovations of new products for the American people to consume is good because it helps us make our lives interesting and it actually gives us something to look forward to and work towards. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. America is still searching for more, even after all the years of pushing until there was no more.

Like I mentioned before, the American Frontier it is still a very strong influence in our society. I’ve always found the titles of her songs to be somewhat revealing of a sort of meta-commentary on popular culture – “Gimme More,” “Piece of Me,” “Toxic”, All blog responses must be posted before the next class session. With that in mind the town would eventually emerge into a real place for people to come to. How to cite this page Choose cite format: People constantly get confronted by the newest objects on the market. Would it be possible to gather enough evidence that every single person could hear that and believe it?

Ariel Shore February 3, at 7: Shames describes the notions of the American identity as being an optimistic population where there is always thesls for more: Our mote has led us to new technology like computers, laptops, GPS, face time, and plasma t. People want to set out to accomplish goals but once those goals have been met, they are not satisfied. Wanting more is what has led us to strive to do great things and this feeling of more is not going to stop but instead I strongly believe if more is used for the right purpose it is was is going to keep us strong for centuries to come.


It is the desire to move forward that keeps America going. One of the biggest example is the appearance of new local market and a variety of products created for different types of customer. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Even when Americans have the latest product out, when they hear of a new one coming out, they are ready to toss the old one out n get in line for the new one.

Thewis one could create a convincing semblance of a town, the railroad might come through it, and a real town would develop, making the speculators staggeringly rich. They did this because they wanted their town to seem very busy and like a good place for railroad tracks to be laid down in.

Blog Response #2 – SOL – “The More Factor”

If almost all of its effort was focused on expanding and accumulating throughout its history, how can America change its laurenve even if it is forced to? My personal concern is our future. It is rather hard for an average American to become satisfied on the items they have.

laurence shames the more factor thesis

This idea eventually led to the idea of more. Martin,90 — About Me Scott Self View my complete profile.

laurence shames the more factor thesis

Mac has come with the new IPhone 5s and many cannot wait for the next one. It is helping the economy progress to greater statures and is making America a more victorious place. The American Frontier took its literal meaning from the never-ending extension of land that the United States seemed like when the settlers five hundred years ago.

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Pen to Paper: The More Factor

The money spent in the production of the recent one was pointless because it was tossed aside for the new arrival. No one is going to work hard in a world where they alurence it will not take them anywhere.


Materials come and go but your eternal. There had always been some new place to colonize which in turn has been called the sgames frontier also described as the land of opportunity.

Also, with the spread of advertisement and new business, they makes the “more” factor to be fulfilled period. They want to be the most advanced and have the latest products in the market.

Without some kind fctor mechanical pump for water or a trucking infrastructure, no one would want to live in the middle of nowhere without resources.

The More Factor Essay

That makes it nearly impossible to be satisfied with a product for more than a year. Everybody in America wants to be rich.

laurence shames the more factor thesis

The constant desire for more is what helps America continue to grow in technology and other products that they use. After building the towns, most residents would move on, but some would stay to appear as current residents for a census to determine the variety of a city.

If people knew for a fact that there was nothing new to learn, no place left to explore, what would be the point?

Don’t get it wrong, the olde phone works just as fine as the newer one. America is still searching for more, even after all the years of pushing until there was no more.