In his testimony, Carrasquillo said that he would hug his students, give them high fives and pat them. It enrolls many students who arrive with little grasp of English. By Lisa Flaugh and Paul Frangipane Closing arguments are set for Wednesday in the trial of a former teacher who went to the witness stand to staunchly deny charges that he forcibly touched five girls who were students at a Ditmas Park elementary school. Teacher Leaders are responsible for working with their grade level teams to implement, revise and modify our systems and structures. Teachers talk and listen to kids in a supportive way. Children thrive with stepped-up arts activities.

We also promote student autonomy and visible learners. Create new account Request new password. Defense attorney Anthony LaPinta asked the witness when she had Carrasquillo as her teacher — she replied that he had taught her in the third and fourth grades. This story is free to read thanks to the generous support from readers like you. Never miss the day’s stories! How do students perform academically? PS , The Caton School.

Teachers work closely together with the more experienced staff mentoring newer faculty. Other new immigrants come from Haiti and from African countries and are taught in regular classrooms by teachers trained in ESL.

Jonathan Fickies First-grade teachers — both new and experienced — talk about teaching strategies.

Caton School Teacher Denies Sexual Abuse Despite Testimony – BKLYNER

Is this school safe and well-run? It enrolls many students who arrive with homewkrk grasp of English. We welcome questions, open discussions, and disagreements but comments with personal attacks, rude language, or those with seemingly malicious intent will be deleted. Very long comments, those that contain links, or repeat comments may be blocked by our spam filter.


ps 249 caton school homework

The picture was then projected on a screen so the jury could see it clearly. Browse Instruction Leadership Policy.

Describe your philosophy of school change or improvement.

Mulgrew visits PS /The Caton School, Brooklyn | United Federation of Teachers

Describe the schol or initiative that has had the greatest positive effect on student achievement, including closing achievement or opportunity gaps, if applicable.

We are also a teaching lab where we share our best practices with other schools. Everyone begins the day by doing a math problem and a math review.

Create new account Request new password. Critical Professional Development Activities include: Category 1 Selected himework Grades: A lot of extra-curriculars – such as soccer teams, or music or dance lessons, are available at the school.

This story is a collaboration with Brooklyn News Service. Students get lots of individual attention, especially during the second period of each day when all instructional staff is working with students in classrooms.

Kindergartners start with one period a day in which they are immersed in their non-native language; upper grades have more.

Jonathan Fickies Science teacher Loretta McFadden leads an afterschool science lab that emphasizes tactile learning of scientific concepts. Closing arguments are set for Wednesday in the trial of a former teacher who went to the witness stand to staunchly deny charges that he forcibly touched five girls who were students at a Ditmas Park elementary school.

Those in grades stay until 5: A positive school culture that promotes college and career readiness. There are ctaon before-school, after-school, and Saturday test-prep sessions. From School Quality Guide How many schoool have 3 or more years of experience teaching?


Students work with in partnerships, peer tutor and collaborate in groups as they move toward independence.

Caton School Teacher Denies Sexual Abuse Despite Testimony

Shool Teachers showcase their classrooms and assist other teachers in improvement Identify the critical professional development activities you use to improve teaching and student learning.

Pw data is collected, a team that consists of Principal, Assistant Principal, Instructional Coach and Data Specialist meet with classroom teachers to discuss data by looking at actual results, projection of how many students can be pushed to proficiency and then create an action plan to improve student progress.

ps 249 caton school homework

Jonathan Fickies Teacher Gillian Shotwell helped develop the idea of combining professional development and afterschool intervention for students struggling schhool.

That’s mostly because of “Super Science Fridays,” an entire school-day each week devoted to science-related instruction.

P.S. 249 The Caton

The data specialist provides reports to assist teachers in analyzing data, inclusive of a results report that shows homewok student data and how they answered questions on the interim assessments.

Jonathan Fickies Paraprofessional Antoine Bogard helps students improve word recognition and writing skills in the afterschool session.

How many English language learners scored on the state reading exam? Students also get the opportunity for travel: Formerly an early childhood school serving PK-3, PS has added a 4th a 5th grade.