Insect Biosystematics and Biology Department: Chemical mutagenesis of Trametes versicolor IBL for hyper production of laccase. Enhanced production of citric acid by Aspergillus niger through mutagenesis and metabolic engineering in solid state fermentation of molasses medium. Delignification of rice straw for maximum production of bioethanol. Enhanced human lysozyme production by kluyveromyces lactis. Synthesis of pectinase by Trichoderma harzianum in solid-state fermentation of citrus peel. Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences.

Production of xylanase from corn stover by Arachniotus sp. Sunday April 09, Chaired 2 nd Technical Session Day 2. December, January J. Chemistry Central Journal, 9: PhD Area of Interest: P Internship Program Due Date:

Optimization of ligninolytic enzymes synthesis by an indigenous strain of S. SargodhaHaroonabad Distt. Cellulase production by schizophyllum commune in liquid cultures using lignocellulosic materials.

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Studying soil microbial biomass and biochemical parameters as an indicator of changes in soil ecosystem, Role of soil microbial biomass and its associated pool of nutrients in plant nutrition, Improving phosphorus use efficiency in soil-plant system through stimulation of soil microbial activity, Recycling of organic wastes and nutrients release to crop plants Department: Bioresources12 2: Harja Bibi Scholarship Read More.


Tahir, AsgherM. Inductrion of endoglucanase in Pleurotus ostreatus grown in solid-state fermentation medium of corncobs.

uaf qec thesis

Decolourization of indusrtrial colored waste water by white rot fungus. Zia-ur-Rehman Mashwani Assistant Professor. Appointment of Teaching Assistants for Winter Semester Enhanced dye decolorization potential of laccase from UV induced mutant of versicolor by chitosan beads immobilization. Fayyaz ul Hassan Chairman. A study of of Hepatitis C Virus and its Molecular epidemiology in the local population of Faisalabad regeion.

Rehman, Asghar and M. Synthesis and characterization of biocomosites and bioplastics. Accomplished comparative intra-dermal tuberculin testing and haematological and microbiological sampling at Livestock Farms or Govt. Ali, Asgher and H. Biofuels production from cellulose using termite gut bacteria.

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University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, February Soil management for efficient water use in arid areasPlant nutrient P,K fixation and release processes in soilModelling solute transport in soils and assessment of soil contamination Department: Utilization of banana peels for the production of plant cell wall degrading enzymes from indigenous fungi.

Government internal merit scholarship on basis result of B. Nitric oxide signaling and its role in platlet activation and cardiovascular disase. Heavy metals tolerance and biosorption potential of white rot fungi. Effect of chemical modification of lysine residues on activity and stability of an amylase Abstract. Effect of modified cereal starches on dough and bread quality. Hakim Bibi Scholarship Read More.


Production and optimization of ligninolytic enzymes by white rot fungus commune -IBL in solid state medium of banana stalks.

Government College Women University Faisalabad

Asgher,Shaista, J. Recent Developments in biodegradation of industrial pollutants by white rot fungi and their enzyme system: Chaired Technical Session 2. Molecular identification and phylogenetic analysis of Rhodotorula mucilaginosa from Pakistan theis using ITS sequence. Result Notification of GRE held on Sunday July 24, D, Post-Doc Area of Interest: First Annual Examination


Effect of inorganic nutrients on endoglucanase production from a lignocellulosic substrate. A study of growth kinetics for the production of cellulases by Arachniotus sp. D, Jan 15, J. A novel Technology for removal of dyes from cellulose fibres. K7 and Orpinomyces sp. Breeding for yield and quality in cereal crops , Marker assisted selection Department: SSF of agro wastes by Schyzophyllum commune for the synthesis of lignin mineralizing enzymes.

Production of lactic acid from corn cobs through fermentation by Lactobacillus delbruekii. Enhanced lignin peroxidase synthesis by Phanerochaete Chrysosporium in solid state bioprocessing of a lignocellulosic substrate. Abstract Book Page No. Kinetics of glucoamylase production by Arachniotus sp. Characterization of purified and xerogel immobilized novel lignin peroxidase produced from Trametes versicolor IBL using Solid state medium of corncobs. Optimization of cellulase production by Pleurotus ostreatus using lignocellulosic residue.

May June 01, Muhammad Akmal Assistant Professor. Entomology18 Ali, Asgher and H.

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Notification Registration of Graduates. Muhammad Sajid Nadeem Assistant Professor. For Online Registration Click here.


uaf qec thesis

Pakistan State Oil L. Characterization of bioplastics produced using banana peel Asia Sultana. Moderator, Technical Session 4. Computational analysis and applications of pectinolytic enzymes optimized by statistical uzf using S.

uaf qec thesis

Animal and Plant Sciences Decanter cake waste as a renewable substrate for biobutanol production by Clostridium beijernkii. Synthesis, characterization and biological screening of different azodyes schiffs bases.

Government College Women University Faisalabad

Biodecolorization and bidegradation of reactive Levafix blue E-RA granulate dye by white rot thfsis Irpex lacteus. UV-irradiation mutagenesis of Ganoderma lucidum for hyper production of ligninolytic enzymes. Optimization of physical and nutritional factors for synthesis of lignin degrading enzymes thexis a novel strain of Trametes versicolor. Pakistan Bait-ul-Mall Read More. Irum Hafiz, Asgher and H. D Soil Science Area of Interest: Studies on Biodegradation of direct dyes by a white rot fungus.

Journal of Food Engineering. Inductrion of endoglucanase in Pleurotus ostreatus grown in solid-state fermentation medium of corncobs. Fodder cultivation under the Scenario of climate change.

Purification and biochemical characterization of extracellular manganese peroxidase from Ganoderma lucidum IBL and its application.


Notification Registration of Graduates Read More.

uaf qec thesis

Good oral understanding and reading, fair speaking 5. Result of written test of the eligible candidates of the scholarships under Faculty Development Program Read More. At a number of institutions, I attained excellent professional knowledge, performance uuaf cutting-edge experience in various capacities starting from study work as uav under-graduate medical student to post-PhD work as Assistant Professor of Pathology. Wageningen University, the Netherlands Area of Interest: Collaborative Project with Department of Biochemistry and Mol.

Turkish Journal of Biochemistry41 1: Biology in Asia International Conference, Singapore. Member of Committee constituted to revisit the approval of revised postgraduate courses for M. Decolorization potential of white rot fungi on vat dyes.