October 30, – Cohort Dinner at Chili’s As our first official cohort meeting of the semester, this dinner was special on several accounts. Skip to Main Content. Andersen gave us handouts, but don’t fret, the information can be found in Nilson’s book Teaching at its Best: Due to limited resources, some departments and programs will not allow non-degree students to take courses. Steve was accompanied by a panel of former GSR Awardees which included: We met at Jorge’s for this Friday Cohort Dinner.

Documents can always be sent to the Graduate School, either by email or physical mail, and they will be processed and sent to the appropriate departments. How much transfer coursework is accepted? It was a wonderful evening of interesting conversation and meeting new people as Cailyn is new to the group. These Guidelines will show you what activities accumulate points and how we select our winner. McCormick from WT’s Writing Center to discuss what their office can do specifically for our graduate students who are on a thesis tract but also for other grad and undergrad student’s writing projects.

Each program determines who is accepted into their programs. Back to Top Where do I send my admission materials?

West Texas A&M University

Just remember that they want you to succeed and keep everyone involved safe. Students may also be required to submit additional documentation. Programs in the College of Business will allow only up to six transfer credits from other institutions. Students who gyidelines not raise their GPA to at least a 3.

wtamu thesis guidelines

October 11, – Guidellnes These Guidelines will show you what activities accumulate points and how we select our winner. Documents can always be sent to the Graduate School, either by email or physical mail, and they will be processed and sent to the appropriate departments. It was a wonderful evening of catching up with friends and enjoying great food. In Connecting-the Dots, you should know the thesjs research and researchers in your field as well as the organization you are applying to and how you will contribute.


A wonderful ‘role-playing’ opportunity can be sought by guideliines some of your favorite professors to guest lecture one or two of your favorite class topics they might be very happy to turn over the reins and take a break.

Theses & Dissertations

Hanover Research is a global information services firm providing knowledge support to both for-profit and non-profit organizations The morning session covered the difference between Federal and Foundation funding, good project ideas vs fundable project ideas, and an overview of non-governmental funding sources. Watch the Surviving Your Thesis Revisited video. I want to take stamu few courses without pursuing another degree non-degree seeking.

When will I receive my diploma? They discussed recently learned news and theories in the fields of biology, physics, mathematics, and psychology. If you answered yes to any of these, then thesis tract may be beneficial for your future.

Students who register only for thesis or dissertation hours only may have their fees waived, wgamu will lose access to any campus facilities and services provided by the waived fees with the exception of continued library and computer account access. September 16, – PSD: To catch all of the information discussed during this wonderful presentation, Watch the Your Thesis Project video. Students who are required to take comprehensive exams must apply to take the exam with their academic department.

Do you want to take your Master’s Guidleines to a PhD program?

For the school year, proposals are due in his office thesus 5 p. For additional program requirements, please see our Program Requirements and Deadlines. An official degree plan must be submitted to the Graduate School before the end of the student’s first semester of graduate studies or coursework, or classes.


We discussed a new opportunity to participate and gain points toward the Ambassadorship Bonus by interviewing with yours truly about the AGEP program, how it has helped, and what else we wtamj do to further participant’s career goals.

wtamu thesis guidelines

Communication Skills for a Global World. How can I access tnesis older thesis or dissertation? Other topics included how to utilize social media outlets like Instagram for professional purposes, some examples of what not to post online and the repercussions of doing so, and how to be aware of cultural differences, personal biases, and ways to adapt our communication to meet the distinctions of various cultures.

What are my limitations?

Applicants in the United States on an educational, worker, or visitor visa are considered international students and will apply through the International Student Office. Student debt is one of today’s hot topics and regardless of whether you are a young person working on your first degree or an older, non-traditional student, budgeting is important for all adults. We were back in the Graduate Suite for a presentation by Dr.

The Tie that Binds: For all of the tips and amazing communication details provided by the eloquent Prof.

wtamu thesis guidelines

In English, Swedish, and Norwegian.